Esha Gupta, Mallika Sherawat spread awareness about plant-based diet
Esha Gupta & Mallika Sherawat Who Recently Featured In The Short Film ‘Million Dollar Vegan’ Open Up About The Importance Of Veganism (Photo Credit: Instagram/Esha Gupta & Mallika Sherawat)

Actresses Esha Gupta and Mallika Sherawat, who are vegans, have opened up on the importance of veganism, and the need to spread awareness regarding a plant-based diet rather than kill animals for food.


“I had some tests done in 2013-2014 and found out I was highly lactose intolerant. I would always either throw up or have a bad stomach every time I had milk. So, I gave up milk, curd, and cheese,” Esha recalled.


Esha Gupta said she completely turned vegan after watching a docu-drama highlighting the environmental impact of food habits. “It was around 2017 when I decided to go completely vegan when I came to know about the environmental impact, after watching a documentary called ‘Cowspiracy’. I come from Uttar Pradesh and never knew what food tasted like without ghee. But it started with a health-conscious practice followed by becoming a hard-core vegan when I gained knowledge about eating plant-based food rather than killing animals.”

Recently, Esha Gupta and Mallika Sherawat featured in a short film, Million Dollar Vegan, along with prominent celebrities, influencers, doctors, athletes, and activists from around the world talking about different reasons why they chose to go vegan.

“I was always a vegetarian and now it’s been 15 years since I decided to totally give up dairy and it was not very difficult for me. In fact, I feel more energetic, and my sleep got better,” said Mallika Sherawat.

Noted for fitness and health, Mallika added, “I start my day with warm water and lemon and later ease into fruits and berries, and then have a glass of green juice. For lunch, it can be a big bowl of salad with good fats like avocado, and a vegan smoothie if I’m still hungry. For dinner, I prefer proper Indian food like dal, roti and sabzi”.

The short film features Grammy award-winning singer Mya, Buddist Monk and renowned scientist Matthieu Ricard, along with Dr. Kristi Funk, Raj Kundra, Author Kathy Freston, Athlete Dominick Thompson, prominent activist Joey Carbstrong and many others.

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