Jackie Shroff's Wife Ayesha Shroff Once Wrote To His Ex-Girlfriend & Wanted All Three Of Them To Marry
Jackie Shroff’s Wife Wrote A Proposal Letter To His Ex-Girlfriend & Here’s What She Wrote (Photo Credit: Instagram/ayeshashroff)

Childhood romance is very pure, and we all have experienced it once in our lives. Blessed are those who find love, and their loved ones become their life partners. Well, such was the case with Jackie Shroff and his wife, Ayesha Shroff, who fell in love with him when she was just 13. But, did you know that the actor already had a girlfriend at that time whom he wanted to marry, and his now-wife wrote a letter to her proposing the idea of getting married to the actor together?

Ayesha was born with a silver spoon, but Jackie’s magic of love had happened when she had met the local boy. The actor had seen her for the first time on her school bus. He had gone to her and had casually introduced himself. He had told her that he plays with his friends nearby, and the rest is history.

Once in a candid conversation with Simi Garewal, Jackie Shroff had talked about his wife, Ayesha Shroff and had revealed how much she loves him and had credited her for having a happy family. The actor had stated that when he had told Ayesha about his US-based ex-girlfriend and their will to marry each other, she had shockingly told him that she couldn’t imagine a life without him and would live with his ex-girlfriend like a sister after their marriage.

Recalling the incident, Jackie Shroff had said, “I knew she was in love with me that much when she wrote a letter to an ex-girlfriend of mine, who was in the US at the time. She went away to the US, and she said she would come back and meanwhile, I met her and fell in love with her. So, I told her that I am in love with this girl who is in the US. And she is gonna come. Then Ayesha asked if she can write a letter to her, and she wrote a letter to her and said, once you come back, we will live like sisters and get married to Jackie together.”

Going further in his interview, Jackie Shroff had also stated that he was almost on the edge of having two wives in his life. But as we all know, it didn’t happen because of some sort of differences between Jackie and his ex-girlfriend. Although, it had proved one thing that Ayesha is madly in love with Jackie, and he’ll never be able to find someone quite like her ever.

When in the same interview, Ayesha was asked to react to the incident, she had simply stated one line, and that speaks everything about her decision. She had said, “I just wanted him. If there was a choice between losing him and keeping with her, it is as simple as that.” In the end, none of it matters now, as Jackie and Ayesha are leading a happy married life with their children, Tiger Shroff and Krishna Shroff.

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