When Deepika Padukone Was Slammed For Auctioning Clothes She Wore At Jiah Khan, Sridevi & Other Funerals
Deepika Padukone Was Once Brutally Slammed For Auctioning Clothes She Wore At Jiah Khan’s Funeral ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Wkimedia )

Deepika Padukone is the internet’s favourite. Love her or hate her, but no one ignores her for sure. And it was after her appearance at JNU that a lot of write-ups were started against the Chhapaak actress and weird things were written and spoken about her. Some with facts and others without facts. It was in the year 2021 when DP was called out for something none could have ever imagined.

In 2021, the Gehraiyaan actress was trolled for auctioning some clothes on her website. It was claimed that the funds raised would go to charity. However, all hell broke loose when DP put her Zara outfits for sale priced between a range of 2K upto 8-9K because some of these outfits were worn by her at funerals.

A Twitter handle shared pictures of Deepika’s clothes from the website attached with pictures of her appearances at certain funerals. While she wore a short kurti for actress Jiah Khan’s funeral, another one was worn at Priyanka Chopra’s father Ashok Chopra’s funeral. Netizens had bizarre reactions to this. Scroll down to read more.

While a Twitter user in 2021, called out Deepika Padukone for auctioning clothes she wore to Jiah Khan’s funeral. The short kurti was priced at Rs 8000. The tweet said, “I am so shocked.. my favourite Deepika Padukone has auctioned her noncouture clothes from 2013.. I repeat 2013 that she wore to different funeral events. Low blow!”

The tweet further said, “Don’t justify this by telling me she is doing it for charity.. you cannot be reselling Zara’s .. jootis…10 15 year old ordinary brand clothes.. Why can’t you just give it to the needy or your househelp?”

However, netizens were divided on this weird calling out. A user pointed out how Alia copies everything Deepika does and was quick to comment, “Alia Bhatt: adds to cart.” Another comment read, “Two ppl with same moral compass.” Another user took a dig at her and wrote, “Real classy. But I suppose selling it and getting some cash for it is a better option than to see Ranveer Singh wear it to a football match with sneakers.”

Another comment trolled Ranveer Singh and wrote, “So Ranveer rejected these?… He kept all the lehengas.” While one brutally slammed her writing, “It’s a funeral collection.”

However, there were many who were not fans of Deepika Padukone but still could not support the unnecessary calling out. One user wrote, “Is this supposed to be bad?? I don’t get it.” Another user commented, “Is it? I assumed she’s selling pieces if the same like, not the one she wore, but the same design so that people can ‘steal her look’”.

One more Redditor questioned, “Why is it a bad thing? Should I keep all the clothes I have worn during tragic events? I sell my clothes all the time. It’s normal and good for the environment. She’ll probably donate the money to a good cause. Stop fucking shitting on her for a living.” While another comment read, “I’m not even a DP fan but this is literally harmless. Sometimes I feel like this sub is just waiting for opportunities to attack her lol.”

There was another Kurta which was worn by Deepika Padukone at Sridevi’s funeral. She later wore it at her NCB investigation which a user was quick to point out. “She wore the same Silk Blend Kurta for her Police Questioning for Drugs & Maal case during Sushant Singh’s death investigation. AMAZING LOL”

You can read the entire Reddit thread here.

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You can also read the thread on Twitter from where it all started.

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