Fan Takes Fandom to a Whole New Level by getting a tattoo done in Deepika Padukone's name
Fan Takes Fandom to a Whole New Level by getting a tattoo done in Deepika Padukone’s name ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Deepika Padukone the most sought-after actress and the global icon whose versatility, talent and charisma continue to inspire people across the globe. With her beauty, grace and exceptional acting skills she has been enlarging her fan base and receiving a lot of love and admiration from fans.

One such fan decided to showcase his love for the actress by getting a tattoo done for her.



A fan recently posted a reel where he expressed his admiration for Deepika Padukone and got a tattoo of the autograph and her initials engraved on his hand.

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Deepika Padukone’s diehard fan captioned the reel as “@deepikapadukone Engraved your name on my hand so that you’re with me forever. I wanted to do this since a very long time so here it is- my first tattoo and obviously it had to be something related to you. I can’t define all my love I have for you but I can definitely express some of it through this.❤️🥺”

The passionate fan sat in a chair with a mix of excitement and nervousness racing through his veins as the buzzing sound of the tattoo needle filled the air. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked down at the brand-new tattoos on his arm and took in the likeness of his favorite actress. He would be reminded of the countless hours he had spent watching her films and the unwavering admiration he held for her every time he caught a glimpse of the stunning artwork. More than just a mark of her affection for the actress, this tattoo shall serve as a constant reminder of the influence she had on his life.

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