Daler Mehndi in the league of Microsoft Mesh, Facebook (Meta). Buys land in Metaverse at an undisclosed amount
Daler Mehndi in the league of Microsoft Mesh, Facebook (Meta). Buys land in Metaverse at an undisclosed amount ( Photo Credit – Daler Mehndi / Instagram )

The first Metaverse Man DALER MEHNDI joins the league of Facebook and Microsoft Zepeto, NVIDIA, Sandbox,Tencent, Decentraland, Roblox and becomes the first ever Asian to acquire land in Metaverse. Calling it BALLE BALLE LAND, MEHNDI is all set to take on the virtual world and electronic universe.

Daler Mehndi will host Bollywood films, Bollywood music, concerts by various artists across genres like Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Sufi and Regional music.



Many collaborations are on the way at BALLE BALLE LAND dropped passports as NFT Daler Mehndi Makes a Permanent Presence on PartyNite through Balle Balle Land.

Balle Balle Land Marks the first land purchase on Metaverse in India

Close after the success of the inaugural concert on PartyNite Metaverse, legendary Punjabi pop Singer Daler Mehndi buys land on which he also announced on the Kapil Sharma show in a cryptic manner.

Balle Balle Land also marks the first purchase of land on Metaverse in India

Inaugurated on Holi, the land also features a store that will sell merchandise and royal products as both NFTs and physical goods are delivered to your doorstep. BBL will house a host of activities and their very own concert bus as well. The land is also marked by a gigantic golden statue of the veteran singer, Daler Mehndi.

In a never seen event, Daler Mehendi inaugurated the Balle Balle land. A dramatic larger-than-life setting of a dome covering the Balle Balle land is seen which is ruptured by laser beams from drones to the backdrop of high-octane music of dhol and tasha. The singer’s Avatar appeared handing out passports as NFTs to fans and welcoming everyone on board. After the meet and greet concluded, a colourful spectacle of a concert was unleashed where Daler Mehndi was seen singing for his natives and fans. People present could engage in a colour game of paintball. The paintball game has been inspired by the multiplayer version of Call of duty but with colours and people could play this for the entire day.

Speaking about the event, veteran singer Daler Mehndi said, “I went with an open mind on PartyNite Metaverse and it was a very rewarding experience. Audiences have moved online and I believe it is going to stay. The physical world has its own charm but with Metaverse, sky’s the limit. I really enjoyed performing on PartyNite and I wanted a permanent presence & hence created Balle Balle Land. I’m greatly thankful to Mr. Rajat Ojha & Mr. Rajiv Chilaka of Gamitronics for all the support. People from multiple countries like Holland, Malaysia, Brunei, Canada are all waiting to be a part of this initiative. This platform will also help me nurture talent and help the music community of Punjab, Sufi, Pop music & Bollywood grow”.

Speaking about the move, Rajat Ojha, creator of PartyNite, Metaverse said, “We have had a fabulous association with Daler ji. We want to continue this relationship and Balle Balle land is a move in that direction. We want to grow a community of musicians and integrate as much as possible with the physical world. It is an ever-expanding space and there is a huge scope for innovation. Yes, technology adoption is always slow during the formative years but once it takes off it will make history and Daler Mehndi will be remembered as the frontrunner in this space in India. We welcome him wholeheartedly to the PartyNite family”.

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