Ajay Devgn
Ajay Devgn

A shy introvert from the Phool Aur Kaante days, this tall, dark and handsome man has redefined entertainment, courtesy his reigning masala films that has catapulted him to the pinnacles of his career. Breaking all shackles of clichéd Bolly routines, Ajay Devgn has always been the dark horse of tinsel town.


With most his films working wonders today, Ajay, the superstar is also known for his grounded earthiness and humble nature. But being an actor has its own pangs. Life sans controversies is not life and that’s what holds true for Ajay as well.

Let’s take a flashback into the little and relatively seldom-used-superstar-name in the controversy arena.

Ajay’s public print fight with Raveena Tandon:

The co-stars from Dilwale were reportedly courting each other when Ajay fell for Karisma Kapoor. History has it that ever since, Karisma and Raveena has maintained a strong silence on their past, while both took several digs and potshots at each other. Raveena, the major bone of contention enraged an open, print war, bad mouthing Ajay and Lolo which continued for years. In every second interview, Ajay and Raveena had to pass some statements defaming each other and it was not until Raveena’s TV show outing “It’s My Life” that Raveena shared the same space with once-upon-a-time-beau Ajay. Nevertheless, now that everything is sorted between the three post the ugly verbal print controversy, we wish that they stay friends forever!

Ajay’s break up with Karisma: 

Never trust a man who leaves you for another woman, that’s how we put it. But we guess, Karisma had gone off to some other hallucination when she thoroughly believed in Ajay leaving Raveena ‘coz he was madly in love with her. Karisma, the vulnerable and docile person suffered the biggest blow of her life when she had to face a bitter truth: the truth of Ajay being head over heels in love with his favourite co-star Kajol. The break up shattered Karisma like nothing but Ajay moved on and incidentally has been with Kajol, ever since! A family man now, Ajay was surely at his Casanova best while in his early 30s! Umm, Naughty Boy!

The Copyright Controversy:

When Ajay and Rohit Shetty moved on their All The Best, little did they know that the best wishes that they received would not pay off well. Even before the film released and had an average response, fingers were raised at Ajay and the entire team of All the Best for blatantly stealing the plotline from an unmade script, brought by Karan Ramsay. Ramsay went into a legal tussle and eventually won the fight as Ajay Devgn’s production house claimed that their film was just an official remake of the American film, “Right Bed, Wrong Husband”, rights of which were brought by them for 40,000$!

The Foul Dialogue Controversy for Singham:

While Singham made it to the coveted 100 crore club, the film created a national uproar on the very first day of its release. While a scene where Prakash Raj, the antagonist and Ajay Devgn come face to face and exchange a verbal argument of sorts, Ajay, reportedly referred the Kanaadigas as dogs, which irked a controversy yet again. Ajay had to finally remove the scene from the film’s reels while the Kannada organizations staged protests against the film, stalling film screenings and tearing posters.

The Son of Sardaar-Sikh community fallout:

Ajay Devgn who portrayed the role of a Sikh in his last film, Son of Sardaar landed up in the midst of a controversy when a special teaser and the official trailer referring to Sikhs as the backbone of all jokes surfaced to gain publicity. Human Rights activist Navkiran Singh had filed a legal lawsuit against the actor, asking him to cut off the derogatory scenes and snide remarks from the final show reel which depicted the Sikhs in bad light. Not wanting to ire the Sikh community at large, Devgn complied with the wishes thereby creating a healthy balance of sorts.

The Legal Battle with YRF:

YRF had announced their Diwali release Jab Tak Hai Jaan, a year ahead of its release but Ashwini Dhir and Ajay Devgn decided to take a risk by contemplating the same release date for Diwali. Post Yash Chopra’s sudden death, Ajay Devgn’s production house filed a legal lawsuit against the Yash Raj Films, for manipulating their way to get more screen space from distributors at all major centres of the nation. The incident did not go well with majority of the masses, who called it a cheap publicity stunt and an act of insecurity, with a fear of failing to liven up to their expectations, when pitted against the more-publicized Shah Rukh Khan starrer Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The Court rejected Ajay’s plea but his film got ample screens to be screened, which resulted in the film making 100 crores with quite an ease. But what the incident left was a bad taste of Ajay, the usually ignorant and humble human being who suddenly stood out as the villain.

Today, while Ajay continues to balance his professional life and personal life efficiently, we wish that Ajay stays miles away from unwanted controversies, which hence are an integral part of the showbiz!




  1. you should check your facts before publishing them. you have mentioned that post Post Yash Chopra’s sudden death, Ajay Devgn’s production house filed a legal lawsuit against the Yash Raj Films, for manipulating their way to get more screen space from distributors at all major centres of the nation.
    as far as i have heard/ read it was before his death but it only reached after his death.


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