Bollywood Superstar Addicted To Drugs, Hooks Up With Models & Actress Wife Is Tired Of His Habits?
Blind Item About Renowned Bollywood Couple Surfaces, Guess Who It Is?

Celebrities these days don’t shy away from sharing their dark experiences. We’ve seen Priyanka Chopra opening up about bullies in Bollywood and Ranveer Singh sharing his casting couch experience. But imagine when the personal details of a renowned celebrity couple break the internet? Scroll below for a blind item that has caught all the eyeballs.

A renowned Instagram page, @bollywoodblinditems, has allegedly exposed some inappropriate habits of a leading Bollywood actor. They claim he’s a superstar and shares an “adorable kid” with his renowned actress wife. They’ve been smashing the box office with back-to-back successes. But their personal life is in shambles because of his alleged drug addiction and casanova habits.

The blind item claims, “It is an open secret that the husband is a coke fiend. As per several sources, the couple had a huge fight over the husband’s drug abuse. While the wife always knew about his coke habit, she is concerned over the copious amounts of drugs that he has been snorting. His coke addiction has led to bloating & extreme mood swings. He looks disoriented after his long trailer visits. He is aging badly thanks to all the coke that he has been snorting.”

That’s not it! The gossip material also claims that the superstar, who was earlier called a ‘womanizer,’ hasn’t given up on his ‘lover boy’ habits yet. In order to avoid controversies, now he sleeps with models instead of Bollywood celebrities.

He allegedly couldn’t even stop himself from sleeping with a model during a recent high-profile wedding bash. While the duo graced the event, they were reportedly provided separate rooms. While no names were taken, the only recent grand celebration that took place was Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani’s second pre-wedding festivity in Italy. We wonder if that’s where the said incident took place.

But the hints are enough to understand which celebrity couple it could be. Especially the line, “They have a strong lineup of movies, including a big-budget movie that will see them together. Both are supremely talented. we hope he is able to control his drug habit or risk losing the Bollywood box office race – which he currently seems to be winning.”

Can you guess who the celebrity couple is?

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