Arijit Singh Reveals The Amount He Charges For One Song & It's So Low
Arijit Singh Reveals The Amount He Charges For One Song & It’s So Low That It’s Almost For Free(Pic Credit: Facebook/Arijit Singh)

Arijit Singh is one of the most-loved singers of all time. The singer has crooned some world-famous songs like Tum Hi Ho, Desh Mere, Agar Tum Saath Ho, and Galti Se Mistake among many others. Despite being a successful actor, do you know how much the singer charges? Time and again fans have either Googled or asked the singer’s remuneration he charges per song.

During his latest interview with Red FM, Arijit Singh finally spilled the beans and answered the most googled question about him.

When asked about the same, Arijit Singh revealed he never charges for playback singing. He said, “For playback, I don’t charge any money. There are people who obviously pay me, un logon ko jaisa sahi lagta hai (as they feel is right.)” He went on to add, “For shows, you’ll have to contact my manager.” Further, when he was asked what he enjoys more, playback singing, music composing, or on-stage concert.

Watch the video to know what he has to say:

In 2013, Arijit Singh opened up about handling sudden popularity, he had told the portal, “Actually, I got used to handling popularity at an earlier stage only, during Fame Gurukul. As a participant of that reality show, we had no contact with the outside world. There was no television, no newspapers. So we had no idea what was going on outside. So after I was eliminated, I came to Kolkata and was received by some 3,000 people at the airport carrying placards of my name and photograph. That was shocking. Then when I went to my hometown Murshidabad, everybody came out of their homes to welcome me. It seemed like I have won the elections and have become the chief minister. That time I had a lot of problem handling the popularity. It was straight out of a scene from Nayak.”

“Now only those people get excited who didn’t know me then. Now when they recognize me and ask me, ‘You are Arijit Singh na?’ I ignore it and tell them they are mistaken. ‘I am not Arijit Singh’. At time, when I reach my saturation point, I go to some random place and throw my phone away. But then work is work. Mumbai to aar chaare na kau ke. You need to cope up with it. Kichu korar nei,” he had added.

Well, coming back to his per song fees, isn’t that amazing to know a new good thing about Arijit Singh?

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