Animal: Via Twitter Thread A Netizen Exposes How A Man Slipped Into Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna Cast List On IMDb Page & We Are Super Shook!
Twitter Thread Finds Out A Man Faking His Way Into Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal’s IMDb Cast List ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal starring Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna is one of the most awaited and anticipated films of the year 2023. After giving superhits with Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh, Sandeep is ready to spread magic once again with his upcoming gangster drama.

Apart from the teaser and the updates on the film, it usually does not make headlines very frequently. However, today it did so and the reason is immensely shocking. It looks like an unknown name has now been added to Animal’s IMDb page under the celebrity section. Even though no one knows who that person is. Read on.

Recently a Twitter thread is going viral on the social media platform, where a Twitter handle going by the name “@prstb” had shared screenshots of the IMDb page, showing a fake cast member been added to the Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal’s celebrity list. The page showed the name Subhankar Bagchi from West Bengal in the cast list along with Rashmika Mandanna. In the first tweet, we see the user write, “I was on the IMDb page for an upcoming Ranbir Kapoor movie Animal. In the cast details, I found a name I didn’t recognize. Finding out about this guy led me to the world of how young Indian men from small towns are gaming the system to manufacture their fake online clout.”

In the next few tweets talking about Animal’s IMDb page, the Twitterati also talked about ‘Subhankar Bagchi’s’ other experience in the industry, “According to this, he has acting credits in some big-budget productions. I am beginning to suspect that this could be a case of IMDb vandalism. IMDb allows anyone to add and edit pages and evidently, these edits are not getting reviewed effectively.” In the next tweet, the user searched Subhankar Bagchi on Google and found that he was a musician rather than an actor.

The netizen’s next tweet also shows that there were biographies written about ‘ Subhankar Bagchi’, which the Twitter user feels is not that credible. Further, the user also claimed to search for the person on social media and YouTube but found nothing original from his side. In the next tweet, the user also mentions that the man had created fake credits while making his IMDb page. Claiming that the person scammed Google he said, “Our guy here has manufactured his stature online by feeding misinformation to the sources that Google uses to construct a knowledge panel. He has fooled the mighty google search algorithms into believing that he is a person of certain notability.”

Continuing his further research on the tweet thread, the user claimed that he had found many such profiles of ‘Subhankar Bagchi’ in movies like KGF: Chapter 2 and others too. In the next tweet, the user explained how and claimed that these fake profiles were made in an identical way stating that they have a few facts in common. Stating the facts in another tweet the user wrote, “All are part of the cast of big Indian movies with a vague mention of their roles. All young men were mostly from small northern Indian towns. They all have biographies on the same handful of websites that read exactly the same. THEY ALL HAVE THEIR OWN GOOGLE KNOWLEDGE PANEL”

In the next few tweets, the user explained that most of these fake profiles had a biography of themselves on He also said that while searching for “Indian Singers” alongside, he found many fake accounts on the website, among which some were created last year. The Twitter user also found many fake profiles on, where people with no connection to a film background have created fake profiles.

Sharing the reason behind it in another tweet, the user said, “They’re doing this because these websites have no verification or review process for submissions but they have a high SEO ranking which tricks the google search algorithm into believing these citations as legit proof of their notability.” Continuing further he also shared a screenshot of a Youtube search feed saying that he found the step-by-step guide to this particular scam.

Concluding his tweet thread, he said, “In a world where your online clout is everything, having their own Google KP gives them legitimacy in the eyes of their followers. Many of them have links to their KPs on their IG bios saying they’re verified by Google. A way to show their followers that they have credibility”, adding, “I laud the effort they’ve put into the whole scheme, but in the end, a lot of them are frauds who are misleading their social media followers with information about themselves that’s just not true.”

However, now Shubhankar Bagchi has come out and clarified about netizens’ allegation in a series of tweets this morning. He tweeted, “I have released songs through many music distribution websites like Amazon Spotify and various other music streaming platforms, so they give me Google knowledge panel on Google. You can see these songs by going to my Google Knowledge panel I released these songs almost a year.”

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