Ananya Panday's Father Chunky Panday Feels Himself A Bit Unlucky For Award Shows(Pic credit: Instagram/chunkypanday)
Chunky Panday’s Jinx Stops Him From Attending Award Shows With Ananya Panday.(Pic credit: Instagram/chunkypanday)

Chunky Panday is amongst the funniest and frank actors you will get to see, especially off the screen. He has been very open about sharing his secrets and that’s the very quality he is most loved for. Recently, we got to learn about an interesting revelation from Chunky’s side and it had a connection with Ananya Panday.

It’s is Netflix’s latest release, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, where the veteran spoke about his jinx with award shows. He believes that he is quite unlucky when it comes to the trophy. Due to the same reason, he didn’t even accompany his daughter for one of the functions.



Chunky Panday speaks on Ananya Panday winning Best Debut Award for Student Of The Year 2. He says that he didn’t go to the function as it would have cost her daughter her trophy. He quotes, “I feel I am jinxed when it comes to awards. If I go to an award function, maybe we may not win the award. She (Ananya) will not win it… I’ve never won an award.”

“When you are young, you start thinking like there is no one better than you in the world…I stopped the shooting in Goa, flew down to the Centaur hotel. When they said, ‘Now actor in supporting role’, the names started… ‘And the winner is’… I got up, I was a little far from the stage, thought let me reach the stage before they give it to someone else. I started walking… ‘Goes to Anupam Kher for Vijay’,” Chunky Panday narrates an old incident of an award function.

Meanwhile, recently during an interview with Times Of India, Chunky had revealed a funny side of quiet and shy, Sunny Deol. “I remember we were flying back from Nairobi after the Vishwatma shoot was over. I had purchased a lot of cigarettes from Nairobi. I had gone to sleep when somebody woke me up and informed me that Sunny was distributing cigarettes on the flight. Now, Sunny Deol doesn’t smoke, and even though I had many in my bag, I thought I must still get my share. It was only when the plane touched the runway that I realised that Sunny had flicked my cigarettes to distribute. I freaked out. He came up and told me ‘You should be kind. You must always share’,” he said.

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