Amrita Rao On Link-Up Rumours With Shahid Kapoor: “We Were Not Even Friends Who Hung Out With Each Other”
Amrita Rao On Link-Up Rumours With Shahid Kapoor: “We Were Not Even Friends Who Hung Out With Each Other”(Photo Credit: Instagram/Amrita Rao & Shahid Kapoor)

Amrita Rao, 33 is all set to embrace motherhood as the Vivah actress is expecting her first baby with her spouse RJ Anmol any time now. The actress enjoys a huge fan following on social media with 987k followers on Instagram who are waiting to welcome her baby in the world.

In a recent interview with a leading daily, Amrita has opened up about her journey as an actor, link-up rumours with Shahid Kapoor and her views on embracing motherhood. Read the article to know more.

Speaking about her link-up rumours with Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao said to TOI, “Shahid was always in a relationship when I was his co-star. Yes, the audience always wished that we were a ‘real-life couple’ but that had only got to do with our tremendous onscreen popularity.”

Amrita Rao added, “The funny part is that Shahid and I have only been very good colleagues, we were not even friends who hung out with each other. but yes, we have tremendous respect for each other as artists and recently Shahid also expressed on social media that he misses working with me, which was very sweet. Why Shahid and I were never cast together after ‘Vivah’ is a million-dollar question and something to think about!”

Amrita Rao admitted being nervous about embracing motherhood. She said, “I have heard that with babies every few months there is a landmark transition. You are perpetually about discovering new things. Yes, I am nervous about the idea of motherhood but the saying is true- when you see your baby’s face the mother in you effortlessly awakens. I am looking forward to being a friend to this little wonder in my life.”

Speaking on her journey as an actor and nepotism in Bollywood, Amrita agrees that nepotism exists but talent and audience acceptance is supreme. She said, “The advantage star kids and star girlfriends have over others is that they get importance and get invited to parties and perform at award functions and get opportunities to mingle and network with the topmost people including film editors, irrelevant of the hits or flops around them. Networking definitely helps to ring a reminder bell on casting. For outsiders with no such backing, you have to be purely dependent on the merit of your movie’s success. And yes people here do change drastically in their behaviour with you when you have a hit and when you have a flop, which doesn’t happen with a star kid.”

Amrita Rao added, “This is quite a put-off and you do lose confidence. I have earned my space inside the film industry. I am not a part of any camp.”

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