Amit Sadh: Art is an evolution of sorts for any artiste
Amit Sadh: “A Lot Has Been Invested Into Making What ‘Breathe’ Is Right Now” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Actor Amit Sadh, who has recovered from Covid, is using the third wave-induced downtime to sketch and prepare his character for the upcoming edition of ‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’.

For him, art demands constant evolution from an artiste to push the boundaries and create something truly spectacular.

Amit Sadh recently spoke with IANS about his encounter with Covid-19, his rest period and the upcoming season of ‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’.

Recollecting the time when he was under recovery from Covid, Amit said, “COVID affects people differently. I had milder symptoms despite taking utmost precautions and following COVID-appropriate behaviour. I was at home with my four-legged fur babies. Throughout my isolation period, I was aware of my situation and stayed calm, followed what doctors advised me, eating good food, resting, staying hydrated, and sleeping enough. It went well for me.”

Stressing upon the importance of having a calm mind, he said, “I was present in my moment rather than overthinking. It’s important to know that certain situations arise where everything is how it needs to be at that moment. So I took that step, to pause and do what was necessary to do at that moment.”

He added, “The focus was to recuperate well and look at things objectively. I spent my time with my quarantine gang, my babies Coca and Brando (his dogs). I missed spending time with them, and I am glad to be around them.”

Sharing what ‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’ is for him as an actor, Amit Sadh said, “A lot has been invested into making what ‘Breathe‘ is right now. Emotionally, physically, mentally, it has been a long journey to get into the skin of Kabir Sawant for each season. Kabir Sawant’s character makes me realise what extreme limit human strength can go and at what length – redemption, resurrection, and more.”

Amit Sadh praises the show’s writing and his director for bringing out the best in him, “It’s an internalised process backed by great writing and a lot of support from my director Mayank, who is with me all the time. When we are filming, he directs me so well.”

Taking a philosophical route, he opines that an artiste has to constantly evolve with time to outdo themselves, “I read a beautiful line somewhere that said, don’t talk about philosophy, show it! (haha). I sincerely feel that any act/art is an evolution of sorts for any artiste. It is a work in progress, be it their craft, behaviour, or life. It is something for people to take notice of, acknowledge, and feel.”

The actor ends the conversation by speaking about the value system of his character of Kabir Sawant in the show, “Kabir Sawant’s core value system keeps growing firm in each season. Just like how any one of us in real life grows. We are working round the clock to bring the third season to the audience. I cannot delve more into the details. We are doing everything that we can to make it worth your watch.”

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