Amaal Mallik Exposes The Dark Side Of Bollywood Music Industry: "They Pay 5-6 Crores To South Composers... My Songs In Badrinath Ki Dulhania Were Pushed Down..."
Amaal Mallik Exposes The Dark Side Of Bollywood Music Industry: “They Pay 5-6 Crores To South Composers… My Songs In Badrinath Ki Dulhania Were Pushed Down…” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Time and again, we’ve been hearing about how musicians in Bollywood never really get the more significant piece of the pie when it comes to sharing the profits. Not just money, the entire ‘label & artists’ blackhole sucks many aspiring musicians in only to purchase their art on the terms they set. Amaal Mallik is a musician who never fears showing a mirror of the music industry’s dark side.

On his X (earlier Twitter) account, he shared his feelings over the heartbreaking news of the veteran composer Mani Sharma requesting production houses and actors to at least give him a chance as he asked for work.

Amaal, reacting to the same, said, “Shame that a legend like him has to say this… No difference in Bollywood; it’s worse here, and it’s not just the actors but an entire alliance.”

He continued to pour his heart out, revealing the dark side of the Bollywood music industry, saying, “They want boot lickers & slavery. Literally, bolenge abhi aa jao, raat ko 4 baje aa jao gaana sunaane aur bechara composer raat bhaar gaata rahega aur yeh sab entertain hote rahenge, phir kisi bhi surety diye bina goodnight kar dete hai… Basically, musician entertainment hai unki raton ka😴 The Campism and favoritism are at their all-time peak in both industries. Still, there are insane payouts in the South, and here, after all this, they don’t want to pay, don’t wanna or sign a legal binding contract. The same Hindi film producers & labels are paying 5 to 6 crores to south composers per album because down south, their directors are amazingly loyal to their musicians and don’t work without them. Hence, our producers & labels here can’t do anything about that.”

Amaal Mallik shared how his songs in Badrinath Ki Dulhania were pushed down in the promotions order. He added, “Humara yaha paise chodo toh door, solo album mil jaayen badi baat hai, 1 Gaana mil jaaye toh bohot badi baat hai. Album mein ‘Remake’ ki jagah ‘Original’ promote ho jaaye toh chamatkaar ho raha hai samajh lo. Aur phir ek aur jung hai ke, if an album by any chance has four songs (remake or original), usually the songs that get promoted heavily are those that are sung or composed by artists signed to the label that has acquired the rights of the album. There’s nothing wrong with such a barter, but it’s not good to unequally promote an album where everyone has worked hard. That is precisely why #RokeNaRukeNaina & #AashiqSurrender from #BadrinathKiDulhania were pushed way down in the promotion order coz the other two composers were signed to the label at the time & agreed to certain terms of the producer & label and That I refused to sign a non-mutual, one-sided contract.”

He concludes, “They couldn’t do much damage coz I already had a fan base and an audience that loved my music, but what if it were a newcomer? He would have to completely depend on the stardom of the singer, or the actor, or the success of the film for his song to work….That’s the sad part. Artist ki izzat kab hogi kya hi pata. Yes, stars make songs famous today, but first, it was the music that made them a household name. Is desh ke anginat kalaakaaron ne sadhaaran logon ko bhi kabhi kabhi apne gaano se star banaya hai, Labels Chalaye hai, Producer ko paise kamaake wapas diye hai, Directors ki kharaab filmon ko bhi ek fighting chance diya hai…. Par woh bechare artist, woh toh mar jaate hai due to no regularity or sleep, constant struggle, daily ka dard, disrespect & non-rewarding zindagi jee jee kar. Aur phir puri industry ek tweet karke aage badh jaati hai.”

Amaal Mallik has opened up a can of worms & it’s for everyone to witness. His message is clear, “Bollywood music industry needs a revamp, else stick to the mediocre art they sell you.”

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