All About Arman Khan Who Added Magic To Movies Like Mimi, Azhar, Rustom & Many More!
Arman Khan Adds Magic To The Movies

We watch some movies purely for entertainment, while some movies leave a mark on our minds. The outcome of any movie entirely depends on its cast and crew. A good technical team and casting crew can make any film a success.

One person who is gaining excess popularity and admiration in recent times is Arman Khan.



Arman Khan was born on 1st January 1991 to a humble Afghan family. His family shifted to London when Arman was a small boy, and he instantly fell in love with the place. Growing up, he had many career goals that included being an actor, VFX designer, and casting director. And he has successfully fulfilled all his 3 ambitions!

Arman Khan joined a college in the UK and enrolled himself in a media course. The camera and its technicalities highly fascinated Arman, and hence he opted for this course. During his college days, he was not like his peers. He was always searching for exposure and knowledge and never shied away from any opportunities. When he looks back at his college days, he feels satisfied that he did not indulge much in partying or hanging out with friends rather tried to gain professional experiences. His diligence and focus shaped him into the person that he is today!

After graduating with his first degree, he was offered an internship as a camera assistant that he gladly took. In the initial stage, he faced some issues financially and even took up a job as a waiter. Over the years, he has taken up multiple job roles like an assistant casting director, writer, actor, camera technician, cinematographer, DOP and many more.

He has acted as the assistant casting director for some famous movies like Azhar, LoveShudda, Welcome 2 Karachi, Rustom, and many more. He was later promoted to the role of casting director.

He also released the film “Quickie” and was the VFX designer, cinematographer, and sound designer of this film. He also played the role of a VFX and sound designer in a movie called “The New Arrivals”. His recent cinematography contribution was to a famous film “Mimi” {starring Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi}. He is presently creating a screenplay for a true story that revolves around two tribes: Ghabizai and Ahmadzai, and their indifferences and fights.

Along with being a successful cinematographer in both the British and Bollywood industries, he also handles two other job roles effortlessly. He is a teacher and shares his knowledge about cinema and has started a business “Picturental”. Picturental helps various media teams by providing the necessary tools and services for the shoot.

When asked in a recent interview about his long-term career goals, he stated that he immensely loves his job and would like to continue this for the rest of his life. He has also received many big projects and recognition but he is carefully choosing his projects as he wants his projects to create a social impact.

We hope that Arman Khan keeps adding his magic to all the movies and other projects and keeps entertaining the audience!

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