Aditya Narayan Slams The Singers Who Criticise Music Labels Yet Go On To Work With Them While Speaking Of The Lack Of Unity Among Artists
Aditya Narayan Blasts At Singers Who Talk Ill Of Music Labels Yet Go On To Work With Them(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Aditya Narayan, son of Udit Narayan, has made for himself in the world of music and entertainment and is in no mood to hold himself back as he slams the singers who criticise the music labels yet could be seen working with them. He has also tried his hands in the field of acting and is an established show host. Scroll below to find out what the singer has to say.

Narayan has opened up about the recent practices going on in the music industry and how it is affecting the whole system. The singer has become a household name thanks to his fun hosting style, people warm up to him easily, making the process easy for the contestants, and now it seems he is not holding back on his thoughts about those who are apparently double-faced.



In a report by Hindustan Times, singer Aditya Narayan expressed his strong opinions on those who criticise music labels but went on to work with them regardless. He says, “Toh aapne unke (music labels) saath kaam kara hi kyun? Aap unke ghulam kyu bane huye thhe? Pehle woh kuch nahi bole, because they were getting opportunities. Later, when you face a problem, negativity starts.” He further speaks about how all the efforts go down the drain because of one person’s disagreement, he says, “By doing so, you destroy the efforts of 99 singers. Unka professionalism, unki integrity, sab barbaad ho jaati hai.”

Aditya Narayan also reportedly said how ten singers sing a song before one is finalised, turning it into regular practice and saying that singers are to be blamed for this. He continues, “Who is to be blamed for it? Of course, the singers who surrender. If everybody put their foot down and say, ‘If you want me to sing the song, I will, or else I won’t even come’, things would be very different.”

Speaking on the music industry’s lack of unity Aditya Narayan says, “They give reasons like main gareeb hoon, mere ghar par paisa nahi hai, yeh nahi gayega toh main gaa raha hoon kyuki mujhe paisa chahiye. And I think that’s fair enough. I can’t stretch it further because I haven’t ever been through a time where there is no food on the table. Mene wo gareebi nahi dekhi, so I cannot comment on their behalf. But at the end of the day, it is detrimental to the entire industry.”

Finally, he concluded by saying, “My father has done it, and that’s how he became successful. But for that, both of us (him and the label) need to reach a middle ground.”

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