Aamir Khan Against Ra.One Jokes

Can you guess, who is unhappy about how a section of the industry people went hammer and tongs against Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One because it did not live up to their expectations? None other than Aamir Khan! The so-called rivalry between the two Khans seems to have been put to rest – at least for the time being – as Aamir says about the bad-mouthing of Ra.One by trade people, “It’s not done. I was not at all amused by the jokes people were forwarding to one another on their mobile phones. They were in bad taste. Simply because the film did not do the business they may have expected it to do, they can’t criticise the film and Shah Rukh. Why can’t they appreciate Shah Rukh Khan’s efforts? He at least dared to make something different.”

Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan In Ra.One
Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan In Ra.One

 Aamir’s Phone Goes For A Swim!


Aamir Khan had flown to London soon after hosting a Diwali party at home. He shot some underwater scenes for Reema Kagti’s untitled film and has since returned to India. And if Aamir went underwater, his cell phone did the same! Aamir Khan was swimming in the pool one day in London when he began to check some sms-es he had received on his mobile phone, even while he was in the pool. But while doing so, his phone fell into the pool – and off went his contacts. Luckily for Aamir, he has another cell phone with all his contacts fed in that too. It’s not for nothing that they call him a perfectionist!

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  1. Aamir and Salman are jealous with SRK. RA -ONE made already 263 crs.Salman and Aamir Paid 70 crs to bollywood media to make propaganda against Ra- ONE. I dont care what media Aamir and Salman,RA-one is supper hit,millns % better then Bodygaurd.

    • Shahrukh tried to make fool of audiences by over hyping his pathetic film Ra.One, but probably he forgot the famous song from Rajesh Khanna’s film Roti- ‘Ye jo public hai ye sab jaanti hai.. ye public hai…, andar kya hai… aaji bahar kya hai… andar kya hai… bahar kya hai… ye sab kuch pehchaanti hai… ye jo bublic hai…’! Ra.One started with a very good opening but fell down very badly after the weekend.. that’s the proof that SRK made a very stupid movie but with increasing ticket price, including Rajnikanth, Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra etc.. he wanted to make his fans and other people fool..!! Now he is trying to convince people that his Ra.One is not flop, he is even using media person to help him (SRK is expert in manipulating media against others and in favour of him, he has been doing it for quite long time). Ra.One’s budget is frequently changing in every 3-4 days.. previously it was said to be Rs.175 crore, then they reduced it to Rs.150 crore and now they made it Rs.135 crore..; Ridiculous… totally rubbish…!!! To show some profit.. they are often changing the film’s budget shamelessly (dishonest SRK). Shahrukh usually makes fun of other actors and their films.. he even doesn’t care passing dirty and indecent jokes.. but now he is crying if 1 or 2 people ridiculed his ridiculous film… and these media persons are also shamelessly talking in favour of him and his foolish film..!! Where these media hide themselves when Shahrukh makes fun of others and their films?? Then these hypocrite media persons will justify Shahrukh’s ill-mnnered dirty jokes by saying… that we should take it litely as he is only joking…!!! But when others take a dig on SRK… these same media start crying and accusing others…!! Very stupid and biased journalism this is!! Anyways.. Let SRK and his team (including some selfish, greedy and biased media persons) try their best to prove Ra.One a success with all the wrong collection figures and frequently reducing budget, and let them accuse other people for negativity towards their negative film.. but its true that Ra.One is failed very badly in Indian box office and it’s a debacle commercially and critically too.

      • Excellent Waqar, aap ka kaha ek ek shabd sahi hae. After reading your comment, now if any idiot SRK fan tries to argue, I swear if that person comes in front of me am going to give him/her a tight slap. Well said Waquar, you are great! SRK is the most irritating and OVERRATED actor of bollywood. It is high time media stop chadaoing SRK and talking more about fresh talents and existing ones like AAMIR KHAN

      • waqar u r too frustrated. they are stupid u r only intelligent. more 60% media critics thum down the film.apni itni energy waste matt karr simple film mat dekh.kyun apne dil ko jala raha hai bhai.jisko dekhna hai film dekhenge jisko nahi dekhna hai mat dekho… tu kahan comments kiya iska matlab Komal nahta bhi hyprocrite hai ?

  2. pooja tiwari chup kar bhikari. i watch rab ne bna di jodi thrice. twice after ghajini was released. hall had decent crowd. srk ko koi nahi rok skta. he is d king. aur waqar miya jake sallu lallu gay ki koi film dekho jisme wo shirt utarke apni fooli hui body dikhae. are yaar sorry uski koi b film dekh le sallu gay tere jaise apne gay fans ko body dikhake khush krta hai.

    • Adi, dont remove your frustations on me. If films like R.One doesnt do well it is entirely SRK’s false. Instead of pouncing onto to us u should give frank opinions about the film so that you king khan gets to know what audiance likes and dislikes and next time he comes up with quality films and stops repeating his blunders.

    • @ adi: But Shahrukh also coulnd not control himself by seeing Salman’s amazing body.. Shahrukh copied Salman and also had shown his monkey body in OSO and in Ra.One.. LoL..!! Shahrukh uske gay partner Karan Johar se maalish karwa ke gay/bandar jaisa body banaya hai… at least Salman’s fil won a National Award.. but Shahrukh toh National School of Drama me acting sikh kar bhi kabhi National Award jeet nahi paya… aur kabhi milega bhi nahi usko… kyunki woh toh sirf Dilip Kumar aur Amitjee ka acting copy karta hai… uska original kuch bhi nahi hai… dikhne me bandar sa lagtaa hai, bolta hai toh lagta hai ek bakri bol rehi hai… mayyhhh…mayyhhh…. ayyhhh… ayyhhh…. aisa hi bolta hai na woh Hakla (matlabi kutta) Shahrukh? Actor ho toh Aamir jaisa, Entertainer and original performer ho toh Salman jaisa… Dimagh ho toh Aamir jaisa aur Dil ho toh Sher Dil Salman jaisa…!! Par tu kya samjhega be nadaan… abhi toj tere hansne khelne ke din hai… jee le jee bhar ke par peshab mat pee ke mat jeena SR-Gay ke..!!

      • I fully agee with you Seema. There was a time when even I use to like SRK, but now I am fed of the same products that he keep on offering. In past 20 years actors like Aamir, Salman and even Ajay Devgan for that matter, have grown soooo much. But SRK, same films, same stories, same acting, same attitude….grow up man, stop boring us and fooling us. The worst part is when some idiot fan of SRK compares him with Aamir, how can even they think of doing it, Even if SRK goes to Himalayas and does tappasya for years he will not succeed in doing what Aamir has done in last 10 years. My God SRK please spare us! Please.

      • Darr,baazigar,ddlj CDI,Swades,Rab ne banadi jodi.pheli.yess boss don,devdas etc saari film aapko ek jaisi lagti hai toh sorry to say aap k dimaagh mein kaheen chemical locha hai.
        1) Aamir original actor accepted.2)Salman jaisa dimagh wow south ki remakes hit filmein copy karna woh kya dimaagh hai.ye tushar kapoor bhi south ki hit filmo ko remake karke hit karr sakta ? 3) Amir jaisa dil wala woh jo apne bhai ko ghar se bahar karr diya first wife ko ditch kiya jo Amol gupte origional director of TZP ka tha 60% to 70% film complete hone k baad uski kick out karr diya direction se. peepli live ki director aur story writer Mrs Anushka rizvi ko single credit nahi diya.4) salman bada sher dil wala wow great jisne Aishwaria ko jiska pyar thi woi torture itna kiya bichari chohd k bhag gayi.sher dil wow jo sharab pee k 19 gareeb kaam karke thake hui log soye hui logon kuchal k maar daala bada sher dil wala hai aapka salman.black deer ka shikar ye sab bada dil wala karr sakta hai. agar thank god achcha hua ye quality srk mein nahi hai.

        • Rehaan, You think you are a great observer??? dont behave like a kid. If aamir left his first wife and got married to Kiran, what’s the big deal boss? we are in the 21st century not in adam eve’s days. what ever he did was legal and dont forget Aamir’s whole family is still together. Didnt u see how they gathered for Imran’s wedding. If they dont have a problem, y are u worried. And what is your SRK doing? affaris with juhi, karan johar and now Priyanka, so u think SRK is a sant. What Aamir does, he does legaly and ssrk is involved in all dirty politics. Rehaan u are a totally mental srk fan. please have a proper knowledge abt the industry and than talk.


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