Shah Rukh Khan Ra.One PosterAll through the first week of Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One, there seemed to be a strong wave of negativity in the trade against the film and its hero and producer. It was almost as if the negative forces wanted to come down heavily on Shah Rukh and his film. The only plausible reason for such negative vibes seemed to be Shah Rukh’s unprecedented efforts in promoting the film. It is common knowledge that the actor-producer left no stone unturned to promote his most ambitious film. It seems, some people in the trade decided to deride and ridicule the film on all the available platforms to tell Shah Rukh that his film did not match his marketing efforts or, in other words, he should not have blown his trumpet so loud and so much, given that the film did not have the merits as promised. But this is a bad sign. Such negativity towards any film is uncalled for. Frankly, why should anybody grudge any producer or actor promoting his film? The reactions of some trade people on Ra.One is a sad reflection of their petty-mindedness and needs to be condemned by any and every thinking person in the trade.

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