Since the inception of #MeToo movement, there have been many turnarounds in Bollywood. Amidst the allegations many filmmakers and actors like Sajid Khan, Nana Patekar and Vikas Bahl paid heavy tolls on a professional front by losing the projects. Recently Jolly LLB director, Subhash Kapoor ousted from Aamir Khan’s upcoming Mogul, following the accusations of molesting the actress Geetika Tyagi.

Aamir Khan is possibly one of the first superstars, who has acted spontaneously, following the #MeToo movement that has gripped the nation. A few years ago, Subhash Kapoor was alleged by actress Geetika Tyagi for molesting her. After the complaint was filed, the director was then arrested and released on bail, but the case is still on. Aamir distanced himself from the Gulshan Kumar’s biopic which he was co-producing with Bhushan Kumar, over the allegations on Subhash Kapoor. Earlier Aamir and his wife Kiran released the joint statement, stating, “As creative people, we have been committed to foregrounding and finding solutions to social issues, and at Aamir Khan Productions we have always had a zero tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct and predatory behaviour of any kind. We strongly condemn any act of sexual harassment, and equally we condemn any and all false accusations in such cases”.

After Director Subhash Kapoor's Expulsion Over #MeToo Allegations, Aamir Khan Returns To Mogul
Aamir Khan Returns To Mogul? But It Seems To Be On This Condition!

Without taking any names, the statement further added that since the case is running on a legal front, without casting any aspersions on anyone involved or coming to any conclusions over allegations, they decided to step away from the project. “We do not want our action to reflect in any manner on the people involved in this case. We believe that this is an opportunity for the film industry to introspect and take concrete steps towards change. For too long, women have faced the brunt of sexual exploitation. It has to stop. In this regard, we are committed to doing any and everything to make our film industry a safe and happy one to work in,” as the statement reads.

Soon after the accusations it was learned that Bhushan Kumar too, was not ready to work with director. Now as reported by Mumbai Mirror, after Subhash Kapoor’s exit, Aamir Khan to resume his work on Mogul. Sources close to development added, “The script is close to Aamir and he wants to make the film. Bhushan and he have had a number of meetings since and decided to collaborate on Mogul again. The hunt is on for another director. They are also looking at finalising the cast so they can roll with the film, asap,” as reported by Mumbai Mirror and according to latest buzz, Aamir himself could portray the character of Gulshan Kumar in the biopic.

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