Aamir Khan's Fitness Regime & Diet
From Eating 1500 Calories To Working Out For 7-8 Hours In A Day, Here’s How Aamir Khan Gained Muscle For Dangal(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

Aamir Khan is one of the biggest stars in the country and one of the most popular and influential actors in Indian cinema. Fondly called Mr Perfectionist, the superstar goes to great lengths to prepare for his roles. He is one of the versatile actors in Bollywood.


We have seen him in different avatars in films but his body transformations have caught a lot of attention. Be it his bulked-up physique in Ghajini or his complete physical transformation for his role as a wrestler in Dangal, he has always surprised us.


Aamir Khan’s fitness routine and his diet can be an inspiration for all the youngsters who are either trying to gain muscle mass or are on their weight loss regime. The superstar had two looks for his film Dangal. One of a father/trainer, in which he had to keep a paunch and the younger look from his pro wrestling days in which he showed off his rocking physique.

The scenes where Aamir Khan played the role of father/trainer sported a big belly were shot first. In most films, he had to keep a paunch. He weighed at that time 97 kgs with 37 per cent body fat. In just four months, he reduced body fat to 18.15 per cent. And the training continued till he reached 9.6 per cent body fat.

Talking about the transformation with Zee’s ETC, Aamir Khan said, “I was in Arizona, the USA for the weight loss programme. I went to this place to get the start right. The period was very challenging and exciting for me. The requirement of my body is 2000 calories per day. In Arizona, I ate 1500 calories per day. Plus, I used to work out for 7-8 hours in one day. I used to trek on mountains for 3-3.5 hours every day. Breakfast used to happen on the trek. Upon return, I used to have lunch at 12 pm. Then two hours of rest time. At 2 pm, I used to weight train at the gym for one hour. Then one hour of cardio exercises in the pool. I used to follow this up with 2 hours of cycling or tennis. I ended the day by walking for two hours. So this routine of 7-8 hours of some form of exercise was my daily schedule in Arizona.”

Amir then added, “This was my calorie-burning programme. Normally, if a person loses 1 kg of weight every week, it is deemed very good. In my training, I was losing 2 kgs in one week. During my three weeks stay in Arizona, I lost 6 kgs weight in total. This should have taken 14 weeks but I did it in 3.”

Isn’t Aamir Khan an inspiration? Totally.

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