'83' star Sahil Khattar wants to grow by leaps and bounds
’83’ star Sahil Khattar wants to grow by leaps and bounds(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actor Sahil Khattar is all set for his next release and he recently took to social media to share his excitement about his upcoming biographical sports film ‘83‘.

Citing the example of superstar Shahrukh Khan, the actor, who will soon be seen in sports biopic ’83’, said a person’s success depends on his ambitions, dreams and how they steer clear of the obstacles that come their way.



“Ambition, fame and money are elusive, but it depends on your drive. If Shahrukh Khan wasn’t ambitious, then he wouldn’t have shot two-three films in a day, he wouldn’t have bought a cricket team, he wouldn’t have such a body of work and added to his wealth, he wouldn’t have become what he is today. The idea is that the drive and hunger that one comes with and using it in the smartest possible way is what makes a person successful,” Sahil Khattar said.

The bad boy from web film ‘200: Halla Ho’  Sahil Khattar confessed that he never lets the success in the past affect the hunger to perform in the present. The young actor feels that it’s this hunger and the desire that makes one successful.

Admitting that he is over critical about his work, Sahil Khattar said: “I feel your hunger only increases if you are not satisfied with what you have done. If I look back at my shots or scenes then I don’t get the feeling of satisfaction because I know I have lived that moment and the journey. It was the best that I could come up with then and because I have lived those moments, I try to do things differently in the present. So, I think the more unsatisfied you are with life, the better your hustle is, the better your drive is.”

And Sahil Khattar neither wants to control his abilities nor his hunger. He added: “A lot of people say that one should have their expectations according to their abilities, but I feel people should work on their abilities. So, I want to grow by leaps and bounds and I am sure people who dream big or plan to achieve big would eventually achieve it.”

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