Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput is currenty gearing up for his upcoming release, Kedarnath which also debuts the gorgeous Sara Ali Khan. In a recent interview we asked him about the release of his upcoming getting affected by Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 & Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero, chemistry with Sara & Sanjana Sanghi, and much more! Here’s all you need to know.

Sushant Singh Rajput Interview
Sushant Singh Rajput Interview


Do you think 7th December is the perfect release date for the fim? Don’t you feel it could get sandwiched between the biggies – 2.0 and Zero?


“Now I’m scared (laughs), I feel that we got audiences enough and theatres enough so that two films releasing on the same date can also flourish if they are good films and they should, and if that happens it’s a great thing.”

Also, when asked about working with Sara Ali Khan & Kizzie Aur Manny co-star Sanjana Sanghi, he said that he’s worked with alot debutantes now and there’s something to learn from everyone which excites him. “While I keep my interest going for what I do, I always try picking up things that will help me connect with someone better. And if I’m picking up things from you, I’m always connected with you better.”

He also shared that working with Sara was very comforting as she gets mixed up easily!

“There’s no apprehension, there’s no pretense.. she is, is what she talks and also aware of who’s she talking to. By that, I mean she comes quickly in your way so there’s this adaptability as a person as well as an actor and that will be very helpful for her . Right from the beginning we had just not talked films but at least 15-20 things that we could talk about that were of similar interest.”

Kedarnath floods is something which is known to everyone, how well do you think it’ll connect at an emotional level? Because that’s what sets the film apart from the known natural disaster.

“Events in itself mean nothing if it’s already not relevant to you. When you think about Kedarnath floods, it is just not water gushing through a city which is supposed to be divine, it is about so many families that were there, they were together praying and went through so many difficult predicament and you try playing different roles.. you empathize it basically like if a kid is all alone how is she feeling. Well, this is what you’ve already done so it is never called floods, its a very coherence story of many characters coming together that one would probably relate individually. Great thing is that it is coming together from one story in 25 hours. So is the emotion worthy enough to feel the entire emotion all over again?”




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