Bigg Boss 17 Winner Fixed? Abhishek Kumar Says "Unhone Kuch Kiya... Kal Tak Main Hi Tha?" Munawar Faruqui Fans, Thoughts?
Bigg Boss 17 Winner Fixed? Abhishek Kumar Says “Unhone Kuch Kiya… Kal Tak Main Hi Tha!” Munawar Faruqui Fans, Thoughts? (Picture Credit: Colors/Jio Cinema)

Bigg Boss 17 is over, and as predicted long back by us, Munawar Faruqui has lifted the trophy. Every season has its fair share of controversies, and some even continue to stay alive even after the show ends. One controversy that has been constant for many seasons now is “the winner is fixed.”

With a predictable result this time around, we’re not on the side of the ‘fixed winner gang’ because we think Munawar deserved to lift the trophy. He has already opened up about the rumors of calling it a fixed result.

A video is doing rounds on Reddit in which Abhishek Kumar is seen saying he believed he was the winner even a day before the finale. Bigg Boss 17 fans are reacting to the same, and it’s not looking good for the runner-up of this season.

In the video below, Abhishek Kumar is seen saying, “Kal tak main hi tha…” to which his mother replied, “Aaj bhi tu hi hai.” This clearly indicates he thinks he was a winner till the day before the finale. He replies to his mother, saying, “Nahi nahi, aaj unhone kuch kiya.”

Chomu thinks he got more votes than Munawar
byu/mrluciferous-619 inbiggboss

By this, he might be hinting at the last ten minutes of voting Bigg Boss 17 makers initiated during the last hour of the finale night. Just before announcing the final winner and after eliminating Mannara Chopra, makers began a ten-minute window to vote.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the above video:

“He should be grateful ki Ankita broke down and ruined her game in the end…Munna toh jitta hu but am mad Anita isse Kyu Hari…I hope she gets some redemption.”

“Can’t believe how DELUDEDD THIS GUY IS BROTHER; no one wanted you in the top 4.”

“Ek toh chanta marke runner up ban gaya, tab bhi chain nahi hai.”

“Lol. If he was so confident, why was he scared when he and Ankita were waiting to see who went into the top 3!”

“Munawar Faruqui shouldn’t have shared the trophy with this guy, kitna delulu admi hay bhae. Next, Abhishek Malhan in the making.”

With Bigg Boss 17 finally ending, it received a mixed response from the viewers. Whatever the result may be, Munawar Faruqui fans and Dongri will celebrate this moment for a long time to come.

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