Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: One Salman Khan, 16 Contestants, 1 BB Voice & 500+ Crew - A Total Of Around 15+ Crore Goes Down To Shoot One Episode
From Salman Khan’s Fee To The 500+ Crew, Around 15+ Crore Goes To Shoot One Weekend Ka Vaar Episode Of Bigg Boss 17 ( Photo Credit – Twitter; YouTube )

It is time for another Weekend Ka Vaar episode, and Salman Khan is ready to school some more, preach some more, and offer a lot of fodder for fights in the upcoming days. However, what if we tell you a lot goes behind churning out one single episode of Bigg Boss 17.

The weekend episode is shot over a span of 5 – 6 hours on a single day, which now is Thursday since Salman Khan takes on the weekend on Friday. We’ve already told you that he charges 12 crore to shoot this single WKV episode this season.

Now comes the breakdown of this episode. The content, which is shown in parts and narrated by Salman Khan, is from the episodes during the week. Throughout the week, these 16 contestants try to make and create some moments as they usually keep cribbing about – ‘footage’. To provide this footage, these 16 contestants try their best.

And the weekly cost of these contestants comes to more than a crore! Here’s the individual breakdown of their reported salaries for a week.

  • Ankita Lokhande12 Lakh
  • Neil Bhatt – 8 Lakh
  • Munawar Faruqui8 Lakh
  • Aishwarya Sharma – 12 Lakh
  • Abhishek Kumar – 5 Lakh
  • Isha Malviya – 7.5 Lakh
  • Mannara Chopra – 10 Lakh
  • Jigna Vora – 7.5 Lakh
  • Anurag Dobhal – 7.5 Lakh
  • Arun Mashetty – 3 Lakh
  • Khanzaadi- 3 Lakh
  • Samarth Jurel- 3 Lakh
  • Rinku Dhawan – 4 Lakh
  • Sunny Tehelka – 3.5 Lakh
  • Sana Raees Khan – 6 Lakh
  • Vicky Jain – 5 Lakh

Total Cost Of Contestants

The total cost of these contestants for a week comes around 1.2 – 1.5 crore, depending upon the number of contestants. Apart from their salaries, their food, ration, and other basic requirements are taken care of on a weekly basis, which adds another 60 – 70 lakh to the already provided basics.

Bigg Boss Voice

The voice of Bigg Boss, Atul Kapoor, is paid 3.3 lakh per weekend to entertain the audiences. He is being paid as much as the prize money of the show to run the entire season smoothly.

The crew

As Salman Khan drops on the weekend to host the Weekend Ka Vaar, he comes with an entourage of around 100 people to manage only his part. Rest 350 – 400 people take care of the execution of the WKV episode.


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The post-production crew

After the shooting, a post-production crew of another 100+ people takes charge of editing and polishing the footage as per the user’s taste and intrigue before it is ready to be aired. This whole crew and the post-production team work on a salaried and contractual basis, amounting to another 2 – 2.5 crore to the team.

The tasks

To make the Weekend ka Vaar entertaining much is spent on the adventure tasks involving props, which again vary in the range of 30 – 70 lakh depending upon the props used.

So if we add them up, a single episode of Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar costs around 15 – 17 crore! Yes, that much money to keep you entertained! However, all these amounts, except the fees of the contestants and the host, Salman Khan, are speculated. They might or might not be true. They might be as real or as unreal as the fights on the show!

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