Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia's Ex-Husband Sumit Maheshwari Says, "She Can Continue With Eijaz Khan After She Divorces Me"
Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia’s Ex-Husband Sumit Maheshwari Accuses Her Of Cheating On Him 4 Times

Recently evicted Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia has been in the news for her personal life before even entering the Bigg Boss house. She had made some sensational statements about her ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra, who also hit back at her saying that he did not know that she was already married. Now hotelier Sumit Maheshwari made some explosive details.


Sumit Maheshwari, who is known as Pavitra’s ex-husband has now made some shocking revelations about her. During an interview, he said that though they are separated but not officially divorced yet. He also said that when they were married, Pavitra cheated on him four times.


During an interview to YouTube channel Fifafooz, Sumit has said in Hindi, “We are still husband and wife. We got engaged and we have married also, but she didn’t disclose it. I had texted Paras when I found out about their relationship. I told him that you can be in a relationship with her but wait till we get a divorce. My family is involved. I still have a tattoo of her on my hand. Nothing has changed from my side.”

Sumit Maheshwari also revealed that he was in shock when he came to know that his wife was in a relationship with Paras and they had stayed in the same hotel in Goa where they’d celebrated their wedding anniversary. Sumit said, “We’ve been facing these insults for a very long time.”

He also said talked about Pavita’s growing closeness with Eijaz Khan in Bigg Boss house. Sumit said, “It is shocking, but I don’t find her relationship genuine.” He further stated that he has stopped watching the show after Pavitra started getting close with Eijaz and accused her of an opportunist.

Meanwhile, Paras Chhabra had previously revealed how Pavitra Punia had not revealed him about her marriage. Talking to ETimes in an interview, he said, “Pavitra has rightly said that Paras was her mistake because a married woman can’t be dating and fooling me. It was alarming to know this when her husband messaged me and said you both could be with each other as much as you want but only after my divorce with her. I confronted her and she agreed, then I got to know one after other shocking revelations about her. I don’t want to open my mouth right now. I could be explosive right now, but time will tell and it will show during her stint in BB. If I open my mouth things can go against her and it won’t be good. She hid about her marriage from me.”

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