Bigg Boss 14: Netizens Slam Kavita Kaushik For Questioning Eijaz Khan’s Molestation Story
Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik Gets Bashed By Fans For Her Comments On Eijaz Khan’s Molestation Story (Photo Credit – Instagram / Eijaz Khan / Kavita Kaushik )

Bigg Boss 14 house suddenly became a house of secrets after the contestants were asked to share their deep dark secrets. Although after hearing every contestant’s secret fans were surprised, but Eijaz Khan shook everyone with his darkest secret. But, Kavita Kaushik’s comments over it has made fans really angry.


Housemates, as well as, netizens, were in tears to know about his molestation horror. To win the immunity stone, Eijaz revealed that he fears getting touched as he was molested as a child. He broke down while sharing the story stating that his father does not know about this incident. All the contestants were in tears, including Kavita who happens to be his rival. She even hugged Eijaz later in the show. However, while consoling Nikki Tamboli, Kavita questioned Eijaz’s fear of being touched, and netizens are furious over it.


To Nikki Tamboli, Kavita Kaushik was heard saying that Eijaz Khan did not have a problem with her oiling his hair while objecting to his claim of being scared of touch. Netizens are slamming her, calling her insensitive and inhuman. Kavita also raised questions over Rubina Dilaik’s claim that she and her husband Abhinav Shukla were going to get divorced. Netizens are calling out Kavita for her statements.

A user wrote, “Kavita : Even my mom didn’t believe my molestation story *cries* Also Kavita : Eijaz was okay with people touching and hugging him. I am not able to believe his molestation story and trauma THIS WOMAN IS A HYPOCRITE. SHAME ON HER #BB14 #KavitaKaushik #EijazKhan.” Another one wrote, “Every episode #KavitaKaushik surpass her own standard of evilness & inhumanity.. Her comments on Rubinav & Eijaz sufferings are beyond condemnable.. #BiggBoss14.” Check out a few tweets bashing Kavita Kaushik below:

Well, Kavita was even heard talking about Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla’s relationship after Rubina revealed that they were on the verge of divorce. Kavita said, “They were roaming in the hills, dancing, sharing happy videos. They were with the parents. And why would a couple come to Bigg Boss to mend their relationship? This is a place where even friendships break. I just realised that nobody is real. All are wearing masks. I have lost all faith in these two.”

Kavita Kaushik was slammed for this too. Bigg Boss 14 fans feel that Kavita is heartless. What do you think?

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