Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE! Rahul Vaidya On Anyone Messing With Him Inside The House: "Main Unki Pol Khol Dunga"
Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE! Rahul Vaidya On Anyone Messing With Him Inside The House: “Main Unki Pol Khol Dunga” (Photo Credit: Instagram/Rahul Vaidya)

Singer Rahul Vaidya entered the Bigg Boss 14 house this weekend and in the last two day is managing to make a place for himself in the hearts and minds of the viewers. We at Koimoi, spoke to him before he could begin his journey in the controversial house.

From talking about his mantra to stay cool to asking contestant not to mess with him, the singer got candid and opened about how he plays on staying relevant in the show. Read the snippets below.

For the unversed, Rahul Vaidya was a finalist on the first season of Indian Idol. Talking about if that achievement will be an added pressure to make it to the last week of the show Rahul said, “I would want to win it because I am going in this show to win the show and not be a participant or finalist. “

When asked if he has a mantra to keep his cool if things go out of control in the house, he said he has one, and it’s something we all should follow in real life too. Rahul Vaidya said, “My mantra is just to be myself and not try and behave like anyone else on the show. I believe this show is all about how an individual reacts to a certain situation, and that is why I think I would like to be myself.”

When further quested how would he react if the other contestants came in his way or instigate him, he replied, “I think they will have it in a very hard way if at all they try to come in my way. I just hope that nobody does that.”

Taking about if he has any apprehensions to details about his life being spoken about on camera in the Bigg Boss 14 house he said that he is lucky to have a clean slate. Elaborating on it Rahul Vaidya said, “Luckily I have a very clean past. So unfortunately my competitor won’t have anything to talk about. I don’t have anything to hide, I’ve never had a controversy attached to me so unfortunately they won’t have anything.”

Continuing further, he added, “But at the same time, I know that most of the contestants have something that they would like to hide from the world. So, I hope they don’t mess with me because if they mess with me mai unki pol khol dunga. (I will reveal their secrets.)”

Elaborating on the same, he said, “I will not mess with you, I am not the sorts that will mess with anyone unnecessarily. So that is why if you want to stay away from me most welcome. You’ll be happy.”

Stay tuned to Koimoi for more about the contestants from the Bigg Boss 14 house.

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