Why Chennai Express Can Be Expected To Cross The 200 Crore Mark At The Box Office?

The pomp and show of the Chennai Express game launch yesterday was provoking enough to think whether the film will live up to the overwhelming hype around it. There are always perks of being a Shah Rukh Khan film as the teeming millions of his fans would loyally side with you. And hence it wouldn’t be hard to point out that if all goes well, from the box office angle this film will be a winner for itself and King Khan. There are reasons to believe that this film will not only surpass 100 crores easily, but also touch the 200 crore mark with ease.

Shah Rukh Khan’s last release was Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan which made a lifetime cumulative of 120 crores at the domestic box office. Taking into account the film’s overseas collections,where the film that was a super hit; its total business in the global circuits was humongous emerging it as the 3rd Highest Grosser in Overseas. The film was faced with Ajay Devgn starrer Son of Sardaar which too went on to join the 100 crore club. It isn’t hard to say that if there was no competition, entire audiences multiplexes and single screens alike would have flocked to watch JTHJ. Since Chennai Express has no close competition in its vicinity that week, the film has a high chance of earning its full bloom for an entire week before Akshay Kumar starer Balaji film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara hits the screens exactly a week later.

Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone In Chennai Express Movie Poster

Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone In Chennai Express Movie Poster

Eid releases have usually been magnanimous response in terms of revenue. Last year’s Eid release was the Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starer Ek Tha Tiger which earned a total of 198 crores at the box office. The year before last, Salman Khan starer Bodyguard made 142 crores at the box office. Though the Eid domain has always been about the working of Salman’s charisma, Eid release have always had money speaking for them!

Moreover, director Rohit Shetty, who has already had films like Singham and Golmaal 3 in 100 crore club, it is his presentation that is quite a hit, especially in the single screens. Now he has given SRK, a touch of his ‘ishtyle’ and surely his appeal would help to elevate the film to greater heights.

Not to forget, the film’s lead lady – Deepika Padukone – is having quite a great year with both her 2013 films acquiring a spot in the 100 crore club. Not just Race 2, her last film with Ranbir Kapoor, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani made a lifetime earning of 190.03 crores at the Domestic Box Office and the film made an excellent business at the Overseas market too. Hopefully, Chennai Express is releasing at the right time while her lucky charm is still zestful.

There are many reasons as to why one can expect this film to be the year’s most notable spin off in terms of box-office numbers. SRK’s colossal presence is enough to make a film work, Rohit Shetty’s magic, Deepika’s wonder-girl charm and a film that is brimming with its honesty to entertain! Chennai Express is the right steam to make 200 crores at the box office and even beat the total of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots, but only the fateful Friday and the opening weekend will decide it for real whether this will solidify or not.

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  • mazar
    2 years ago | Reply

    another one & only srk’s best movie is our indians and srk is the best in the world

  • sahir
    2 years ago | Reply

    insaallah this movi cross 250 cr.bcz chennai express opss sry record express never stop .the train will never stop

  • amarjit laishram
    2 years ago | Reply

    chennai express will earn 200+ cores

  • 2 years ago | Reply

    nice fun to see the channei express ….
    And I think channi express will be a super hit ..
    it will hit like more than 250 cores ….

  • Sandip
    2 years ago | Reply

    I am not SRK hater or lover. I saw movie and I liked it. We should learn to judge movie by its content. If SRK did good job in chennai we should appreciate it and we should also appreciate Deepika, Rohit and other who are asoociated with this film.

  • bijendra rajput
    2 years ago | Reply

    with the time, expectation has been increased…. RA1 was said to be flop but earned 200+ crore worldwide. getting srk in movie is assurance of 100 crore now, salman is shining since last four years….. its time to rohit shetty to get the benefit of overseas popularity of srk…

  • Jacktackle
    2 years ago | Reply

    Don’t care about the box office. our audience is sick and stupid. oh i forgot to mention. fool! too.
    always check out the word of mouth. do not simply encourage bad movies. if the movie is really worth, go multiple time boost the business but if it is trash you simply trash it. how many salman khan movies are been given a blockbuster tag when they worth a trash?? please wake up. lets finish off the super stardom and judge the movie only on the content of the movie and not the stars. I agree you all are not educated to justify a good movie but, presence of mind is all that we need. let’s give makers a hard time to give out their best. Wake UP India!

  • piyosh
    2 years ago | Reply

    it will not earn 200 cr, because there are lot of big movies in pipeline to release, 15 aug OUTIMD , 23 Madra cafe, 30 aug satyagarh and then grand masty, phata poster nicla hero will be released, with the release of every movie screen space limited to Chennai Express.even OUTIMD will snatch most of the screen from CE on 15 augst,, so CE lifetime business will around 120 cr.

  • sohail khan
    2 years ago | Reply

    this movie creat new records. insha allah.

    • sohail khan
      2 years ago | Reply

      srk is best.

  • Rocky faltu
    2 years ago | Reply

    Chennai Express Predection :

    1st day : 33 cr
    2nd day : 22 cr
    3rd Day : 28 cr
    4th day : 19 cr
    5th Day : 16 cr
    6th day : 14 cr
    7th day : 12 cr
    2nd Friday : 20 cr
    2nd Satrday : 22 cr
    2nd Sunday : 25 cr
    Weekdays : 32 Cr
    3rd Friday : 12 cr
    3rd Saturday : 18 Cr
    3rd Sunday : 22 cr
    Weekdays : 28 Cr
    4th Friday : 9 Cr
    4th Saturday : 12 cr
    4th Sunday : 18 Cr
    WeekDays : 25 cr
    5th Friday : 6 cr
    5th Saturday : 9 cr
    5th Sunday : 14 cr
    Weekdays : 18 cr
    6th Friday : 4cr
    6th Saturay : 7 Cr
    6th Sunday : 12 cr
    Weekdays : 15 cr
    7th Friday : 2 cr
    7th Saturday : 5 cr
    7th Sunday : 9cr
    Weekdays : 10 cr
    8th week : 14 cr
    9th week : 10 cr
    10th week : 7 cr
    11th week ; 4 cr
    12th week : 3 cr
    13th week : 2.5 cr
    14th week : 1.5 cr
    15th week : 1 cr

    Total Lifetime 541 cr

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