Aamir Khan and Salman Khan swear by their friendship. But the undeniable thing of Bollywood friendships remain constant – competition. With Dhoom 3 attaining the pinnacle of success this season, Salman’s Jai Ho is predicted by trade insiders as a serious threat to the records set by Dhoom 3.

Koimoi collates for you the probable records that can be smashed as Salman makes a re-entry on the silver screens after a dry respite of over a year.

Salman Khan in a Still from Jai Ho
Salman Khan in a Still from Jai Ho

1) Dhoom 3 currently holds the record of the Highest opening day earning of 36 crores inclusive of its Tamil and Telugu editions. Though Jai Ho will witness a normal Friday release, given Dhoom 3‘s first day income, it has high chances to beat the same.

2) Highest Single Day Earning of 37.75 crores. The mere craze for Salman’s films is unfathomable and it won’t be a shock if Jai Ho beats the record of highest single day earning as well.

3) Dhoom 3 became the fastest joiner of the 100 crore club in merely 3 days of its release which defeated Chennai Express‘ fastest entry of over 3 days (including the paid previews). Well, it’s bit difficult for Jai Ho to beat the same and enter the club in 2 Days!

4) Nevertheless, Jai Ho also has good chances of beating the opening weekend collections of Dhoom 3. The film made 107 crores in its opening weekend. Given that Salman’s films appeal to wider range of masses, one can expect a better opening weekend income from Jai Ho.

5) Dhoom 3 holds the record for highest worldwide opening weekend collections. The film is indeed expected to begin extremely well in both domestic and overseas. However, with Salman’s limited fans overseas, there is a little chance that the film will topple Dhoom 3‘s records of the same.

6) Dhoom 3 currently ranks as the highest grossing film in the domestic market with a whopping 253.50 crores. Its lifetime is expected to settle in the range of 275 crores which is quite an attainable challenge for Jai Ho.

7) Dhoom 3 earned over 61 crores in its opening weekend overseas. Though Salman’s films are not marketed specifically for overseas audiences, his massive popularity in the G.C.C and U.A.E might help in toppling this record of DHoom 3 as well.

8) Dhoom 3 also holds the record of the highest one week collections of 185.50 crores at the domestic circuit. Jai Ho has good chances of beating this because Salman’s teeming millions of fans have been waiting with bated breath for this film.

9) Dhoom 3 has made a worldwide collections of 479.50 crores so far and its eventual figures will rest in the range of 500 crores. Jai Ho might look at this as a task but with Salman’s strong hold over domestic market, it won’t be an unimaginable feat to beat this record.

10) Jai Ho will definitely surpass the profit rate of Dhoom 3. The latter’s heavy budget of 125 crores is a deterrent in incurring ample profit for it and definitely Jai Ho will manage to remain more profitable comparatively.

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  1. Opening Day Record can be broken, but Opening weekend, , Opening overseas, or Opening weekend cannot be broken OR Lifetime cannot be broken of DHOOM3

  2. for jai ho i am not sure to break each n every record but with kick having eid release,,you can expect new records…

  3. Jai ho sirf 3 dino ka record tod sakti hai. 200 Crore tak bhi shayad kar paye. Kick tod sakti hai wo bhi Eid per.

  4. There is a limit to overhype Salman khan movies. His range is 140-160crores max lifetime. This movie is a south remake so forget any collections from south. This has a crap story as i watched already n telugu. If u closely monitor all salman khan movies so called records… He has 3 full open weeks but end up 140cr range exception is ek tha tiger due to audience went to his chemistry with katrina. Iam a biggest fan of Srk.


  6. I am a big fan of Salman and also believes in Amir’s talent, yet i believe Jai ho will certainly break Dhoom 3’s many records. Jai Ho

  7. jai ho cant beat dhoom 3 cos is nt publisized like dhoom. i have never heard of the film before. thumbsss up to Ameeer khan

  8. Aamir has said he wants Jai Ho to break the records of Dhoom 3. That shows Aamir is not insecure and jealous towards others unlike the Lungiwala Thakur of Chennai Train is. Some Lungiwalas are trying to divide Aamir and Salman fans by praising Aamir and degrading Salman or vice versa. We well understand their fox tactic.
    We at least wish to break the record of CE after K3 and Dhoom3.

  9. Who wrote this article? Salman Khan himself? Jai Ho got no chance of breaking any records. Salman is very popular but his acting skills are mediocre best. He wins over the public with his charm and that has grown into a great screen presence. But let’s be realistic if bollywood actors were to be analysed for their raw acting skills by say James Cameron. I’m pretty certain Big B, SRK, Aamir and Ajay will be praised. But the likes of Salman will not be taken seriously. Just watch his part in Baghban – some of the worst overacting I have ever seen.

  10. i m sallus fan but very sorry to say that he always copy the film from south(wanted,dabbang,bordygard,ek tha tiger and many more.this is not suiting his personility.

  11. do you know that chennai express is copy of a hollywood film. it is good if film from hollywood or tamil or telugu copied becasue others did not see it and would like to see it. the problem is in good or bad direction.


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