WWE Veteran Madusa Describes Vince McMahon's Backstage Behaviour
WWE Veteran Madusa Describes How Vince McMahon Treated Her Backstage(Photo Credit –Instagram/Twitter)

WWE Executive Vince McMahon has been in the news for the recent controversies of the wrestling company being sold to a Saudi Arabian-based company. Along with that, he was also in the headlines for his backstage feuds with former female employees. However, Medusa, a former professional wrestler also an ex-WWE Women’s Championship, who threw her championship belt in a trash can on live TV for WCW had different equations with Vince.

Being one of the important women in pro wrestling from before the 2000s, Medusa was a big name during her reign. While she was the WWE Women’s Champion, she was signed by WCW and many began to speculate her relationship with Vince McMahon would forever be sour. However, it was not as ugly as people expected it to be.

During a conversation with Just Alyx, the former WWE Champion Madusa talked about her backstage relationship with Vince McMahon. She called herself ” Vince Mc Mahon’s girl” and also revealed that she was on good terms with him. “I’ve always been Vince’s girl. I was a company girl. I was one of the ones that were always on time, never did drugs … you know what I mean? So I was that girl. Vince always treated me well,” said Madusa.

While adding more about Vince McMahon, the former WWE champion Medusa also mentioned that she didn’t appreciate the fact that he had killed the women’s division and gotten rid of her. She added, “Despite what people say, he was always good to me. Well … except for the fact that he killed the division and got rid of me.”

Later in the conversation, Medusa revealed that she mended fences with Vince McMahon in 2015 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. She was surprised to receive the texts from WWE and how Vince McMahon had put the issues behind him.

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