Eric Bischoff On Next John Cena
Eric Bischoff On Who Could Replace John Cena (PC: Getty Images/Instagram)

Only a few pro-wrestlers manage to achieve what John Cena has achieved in the business. From being a poster boy of WWE for more than a decade to being one of the best sellers in merchandise, the star has seen everything. Yes, he has haters in the business but that’s nothing compared to his millions of fans.


Cena‘s game has evolved throughout the years. Starting from a doctor of Thuganomics to becoming kids’ favourite, Cena has successfully pulled off the roles given to him. We honestly think that no one could ever taste the success that he did. But former WCW and WWE manager, Eric Bischoff is already looking up to one star who can replace Cena.


During the It’s Our House Podcast session, Eric Bischoff was asked to name a guy who can take place of John Cena in the pro-wrestling business.

Eric Bischoff said, “I think when you talk about somebody who has the potential to transcend the business, that means to become a bigger star or at least a star outside of the wrestling business as inside of the wrestling business. That’s how John Cena became a big star because everywhere you looked, including WWE, but outside of WWE, you would see John Cena. He became that.”

Eric named AEW star Cody Rhodes to be the next Cena in the business.

“WWE was preaching outside of the choir. And they connected with people that they weren’t connected with just on the wrestling show by using John Cena because he had that potential and ability to transcend the business in that regard. I think Cody Rhodes has the same potential,” he added.

It will be interesting to see how WWE fans react!

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