WWE Superstars Randy Orton's Wife Talked About How They Had S*x Madison Square Garden During Christmas
Randy Orton’s Wife Kim Revealed They Had S*x In Madison Square Garden ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

WWE has been an entertaining sector in sports entertainment history for many decades. While the show brings in raw action and drama on weekly episodic bases, it does have some backstage secrets that are not shown to the fans. Talking about the same, recently WWE superstar Randy Orton’s wife Kim Ortan revealed that in the past they had s*x in Madison Square Garden when Randy had 2 belts.

Randy is WWE’s third-generation superstar, who commonly goes by the name Apex predator or The Viper. He is one of the most successful Wrestlers in WWE history having won 20 championships out of which 14 are World Heavyweight Championship.

Coming back to our topic, it was in the latest episode of The Wives of Wrestling podcast when Kim Ortan revealed the details of having s*x with her husband in Madison Square Garden. The podcast was hosted by Jon Alba and saw Kim joined by WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle’s wife Giovanna Angle. According to Randy Orton’s wife, the two had s*x in Madison Square Garden back in 2013, when WWE had taken over the arena for Christmas. It was noted that at the time Randy had 2 WWE belts.

The discussion began with the ladies explaining how gross the belts were and explaining how bad it was wiping them down with alcohol. Later Giovanna Angle said, “Me and Kurt may or may have done it with his medals. I just had them on. You heard ‘clink, clink, clink.’” At this point Kim Ortan opened up about her MSG story, claiming that former WWE superstar Big Show and MSG guards had walked in on them then, when it happened.

Kim said, “Big Show walked in on us in Madison Square Garden. He told us the room to go in. A security guard walked in on us,” adding, “that’s when he had both titles. New, fresh love. There’s nothing better.” Continuing the podcast, Alba asked Kim, “You f–ked in Madison Square Garden at the Christmas show? What is wrong with you, woman?” to which Kim replied, “What do you mean? We’re showing Christ our love. I’m so glad my kids don’t like me enough to listen anymore.”

Continuing more on the topic, Kim also mentioned that it was one of the reasons why Randy Orton loved her. She said, “Why do you think my husband fell in love with me, Jon? He’s like ‘wait a minute, this chick is something else. She’s a freak.’”

Ahem Ahem, freaky!

What are your thoughts on Kim Orton’s kinky revelations about her husband and WWE wrestler Randy Orton, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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