WWE: Chris Masters Shares His 'Not So Good Experience' With John Cena
WWE: Chris Masters Shares His ‘Not So Good Experience’ With John Cena(Pic credit – Chris Masters/ Instagram; Getty Images )

During 2005, WWE saw the rise of a new star in the form of Chris Masters. He did look promising in his initial run. His career looked a great one as he was provided with a push to fight big-league players like John Cena and Shawn Michaels.

Just like several superstars, Masters too have some not-so-good words for Cena. He recently opened up working with him and how he faced heat from Dr of Thuganomics. On the contrary, he poured in some praises for legend Shawn Michaels.



The former WWE star, Chris Masters recently indulged into a chat with Hannibal TV on YouTube. While talking, he shared his experience working with John Cena. “No, he (Cena) did not watch out for me. We just never really clicked for whatever reason. It was always odd. I don’t know if it’s him being…like me being a west coast guy and him being a north-west type dude. I don’t know. He didn’t really look out for me I don’t think he was ever particularly fond of me. I don’t know if he questioned my work ethic or what it was or you know if there was some kind of issue. We just kind of never got along,” Masters quoted.

Chris Masters revealed how it was a different experience working with John Cena and Shawn Michaels.

Masters added, “When I worked with him in WWE in my first run it was very difficult for me to work with him and it’s hard to say that because he’s the top guy, especially at that point. But when I would work with him he had such little faith in me that he would want to call my offence for me. So I’d be getting heat on him and he would tell me what the next strike is and to me, I’d just come off working with Shawn Michaels and he had no issues with how I was working so I couldn’t understand…and our matches turned out well.”

“Shawn even stuck up for me a few times because John Cena would try to bury me and Shawn would be like ‘I had no problems working with him’ which felt real good for me because when I worked with Cena there was always some kind of issue,” Chris Masters concluded.

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