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WWE: Arn Anderson Talks On Bad Bunny(Pic Credit: Instagram/badbunnypr, thearnshowpod)

WWE is trying every bit of trick to regain some momentum and intrigue its fans. Yes, some experiments are definitely loved by fans, while some of them are heavily criticised for their forced nature. One such experiment is of Puerto Rican singer, Bad Bunny’s presence.


Most WWE fans are surprised by the way Bunny has been pushed by the company. Post Royal Rumble 2021, he has been appearing regularly on shows. He even won the 24/7 Championship. Everyone is questioning the scope of his character in the promotion. Speaking on the same, former WWE wrestler Arn Anderson has poured in some strong words for and his company.


Speaking on ARN Podcast, Arn Anderson said, “I don’t know anything about Bad Bunny. If they’re not big fans, what are they doing on our show? Wrestling fans are dedicated to a wrestling show and wrestlers. They are not there to see Hollywood stars or anything of that nature. It’s an aggravation to them when they don’t know who it is, if I don’t know who it is I just watch their performance on the show and critique it for what it is.”

Arn Anderson added that pro-wrestling fans, especially WWE fans, are pissed off by watching such a push for the ones who have no connection with sports.

“Wrestling fans get pissed because it’s downtime. The celebrities that we’ve had over the years had nothing to do with wrestling whatsoever, you can just see it from the fans. The fact is there’s a place, it’s called the rest of the world that’s not America, and if he’s a big star, there’s probably a reason for it,” Anderson added.

Bad Bunny is a popular name in the Latin music industry. He has hit songs like Dakiti, Diles and others to his credit.

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