The Undertaker Doesn't Enjoy Watching WWE's Current Content
The Undertaker Talks On The Sad Reality Of WWE’s Latest Stuff (Photo Credit – The Undertaker/Instagram/Vince McMahon/Getty)

No doubt WWE stills holds the monopoly in the pro-wrestling industry, but no one would deny that the good old days are gone. Yes, deep inside we all miss those days of sharp cut promos, exciting feuds and spine chilling matches. Recently, Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker too shared his concern and we hope the company is listening to such voices.


The legend revealed that he tries watching WWE as a fan but it’s hard for him to enjoy the product. He uses the term “soft” to describe the new generation’s content. The deadman thinks, he’ll be screwed for his rude comments but it’s a bitter truth.


On The Joe Rogan Experience podcast’s latest episode, The Undertaker shares, “I try (to enjoy it as a fan). It’s tough for me because the product has changed so much and it’s kind of soft. I’ll probably piss a lot of people off but they need to hear it. It is what it is. But to the young guys, ‘oh, he’s a bitter old guy.’ I’m not bitter, I did my time. I’m good, I walked away when I wanted to walk away. I just think the product is a little soft. There are guys here and there that have an edge to them, but there’s too much pretty and not enough substance right now.”

Speaking on if there’s still something left in a tank, The Undertaker says, “I still have the passion to do it, I wish I could do it forever. When I watch the shows or I’m there live, the juices start flowing and I feel like I have to get ready to go out and perform. The reality of the situation is that I’m not physically able to perform at the level I want to perform at. I could go out there and cash in on all of the equity I’ve built up over 30 years, but I can’t deliver physically what I think people pay money to see the Undertaker do.”

We wish Vince McMahon and other creative staff members listen to the concern of the legend!

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