Stone Cold Steve Austin Is To Return For Wrestlemania 38?
Stone Cold Steve Austin Last Wrestled In 2003(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE is all set to pull a big return in the form of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The thing has been in discussions for quite some time now, and it seems a firm decision has been made. If reports are to be believed, he’ll be having a match at Wrestlemania 38.


For the unversed, Stone Cold wrestled last in 2003 but has made an appearance on WWE several times post then. Looking at his current fitness, many fans believed that there’s a good chance he might return to compete. And guess what, millions’ dreams might come true soon.


It’s being said that Stone Cold Steve Austin’s possible opponent would be Kevin Owens. Stone Cold, as we all know, is a legend on the mic. On the other hand, Kevin too is a great guy when it comes to cutting promos. So apart from in-ring action, it would be a fully satisfying feud for WWE fans. This dream match is almost confirmed, but other than that, the Texas rattlesnake might even end up facing Goldberg.

Interestingly, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg never had singles matches, so a quick Wrestlemania 38 match might happen.

Andrew Zarian talking on We’re Live Pal said, “Now is the time. For Austin vs Goldberg, let us suffer through this, okay? I’m okay with this. I’m fine. I don’t even want the match to be good. I don’t want it to be anything. I have 0 expectations.” He expects another small match between the two legends, as we have seen in the case of Goldberg’s recent matches.

“I mean, if he’s brawling then great, I think he’ll do a great job. Him and Goldberg could do a quick five to seven-minute thing and you got it out of the way and now you have that footage forever,” Andrew added.

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