Karrion Kross Open To Return To WWE?
Karrion Kross Was Released In November Last Year(Pic Credit: Instagram/realkillerkross)

Karrion Kross, a self-made superstar on NXT, witnessed a downfall when he was transferred to the main roster on RAW. The evil character, which gained tremendous popularity on the show, was altered crazily. Now a released superstar has opened up about if he is ready to join WWE again.

As we mentioned above, Kross’ successful character saw many changes, and eventually, there were no takers for him. As WWE has been on mass firings, many saw Kross getting released soon. Sadly, it happened much sooner than expected as he was released on 4th November 2021.



Now, while talking on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight show, Karrion Kross shared his views on if he’s open to rejoining WWE in the future. Interestingly, he didn’t rule out the possibility, giving out some valid reasons. He said, “I wouldn’t be surprised. I, respectfully, wouldn’t go back under the same circumstances, just out of a logical standpoint. I definitely think I would be interested in a lot more certain things.”

Karrion Kross continued, “I think one of my biggest mistakes in general was, you know, I do pride myself on being a pleasure to work with, with whatever it is I’m doing. I like to create that good energy that goes around, and often times I probably should be a little more assertive when I think something is a bad idea.”

Apart from his creative fulfilment, Karrion Kross shared that he thinks about his and his family’s economic needs, especially during Covid times.

“I think this time around, with this particular situation, I was really concerned about possibly having to go back out there into a national economy which, for lack of better words, is still recovering. I think about my family, I think about people that I need to take care of, that I want to take care of. I think about my future, and working for WWE was the best place to be to secure stuff like that,” he added.

Kross‘ statement hints about him being optimistic about his return. We hope he comes back to WWE very soon!

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