Marvel Wanted Ben Affleck To Play Daredevil In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?
Ben Affleck First Played Daredevil In 2003 ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; Movie Still ; Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Poster )

Everyone who witnessed Spider-Man: No Way Home on the big screen, witnessed the mad wave of excitement when Charlie Cox’s Daredevil just decided to make a casual cameo in the movie. It must be casual for him, but definitely not for us who least expected Matt Murdock to show up, while we were waiting for Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. But before there was Cox who played the part there was a Ben Affleck who graced it. And rumours now have something exciting yet not so concrete to offer.

If you are unaware or weren’t in sync with the superhero culture 2 decades ago, before he became Zack Snyder’s Batman, Affleck was Daredevil aka Matt Murdock in 2003. The role t did turn heads towards him and people noticed it, not much came out of it in terms of follow up films. And not so soon enough, Ben became DCEU’s shining Batman and there was no looking back.



But if the gossip mill is now to go by, it is heard that Marvel was planning to bring Ben Affleck as Daredevil for a huge project. The studio was planning to give him a special appearance in Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. The speculations comes from Twitter where many of the insiders and birdies are speculating the same.

While this all sounds exciting, one must keep in mind how done Ben Affleck is with the superhero world. The actor has decided to take off the Batman suit after The Flash and even getting him for the last film as Bruce Wayne was a task for the studio. In that case it looks like it was a quick no from his side (if he was approached). It doesn’t seem like the actor is up for IP films at this point. But you never know what the future holds.

It was also recently when he opened up about his ‘not so good’ experience on the sets of Justice League. As per Los Angeles Times, Ben Affleck said, “That was a bad experience because of a confluence of things: my own life, my divorce, being away too much, the competing agendas and then Zack’s personal tragedy and the reshooting. It just was the worst experience. It was awful.”

Ben Affleck added, “Justice League was everything that I didn’t like about this. That became the moment where I said, ‘I’m not doing this anymore. It’s not even about, like, Justice League was so bad. Because it could have been anything.”

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