Braun Strowman Transformation Story
Braun Strowman Transformation ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Braun Strowman has turned to be an inspiration for many. After giving a first impression of being just an overweight, giant guy (with a motive of only to scare people), the WWE superstar has turned the game and how. Not just he has become ripped, but his swiftness is something that’s applaudable.


As of now, Braun weighs around 385 lbs with a height of 6 feet 8 inches. In 2017, Strowman had suffered a knee injury and was sidelined from WWE. It was this phase that turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him. Strowman had earned decent popularity with his stint as Wyatt’s family’s member, but his transformation post-injury changed the entire game.


Braun Strowman had himself admitted to suffering from depression and alcoholism. When he was out of the action, he decided to adopt a clean eating lifestyle and a disciplined routine throughout the day. This is the reason, the blotted-looking giant turned into a monster with abs. Interestingly, he says of losing just 35 lbs to get those abs and lean muscle.

Reportedly, Braun Strowman hasn’t cut down on his calorie intake. He still takes 15,000 calories a day but makes sure of taking it out through intense training. Braun mostly focuses on compound movements including deadlift, squat, bench press and overhead press. And like other performers, he targets one muscle group per day.

Braun even admitted that his depression and self-criticism turned him into a big WWE star. As shared by The Sun, Braun had said, “I got to the point where I was on the verge of I had enough. I kind of busted in on Vince (McMahon) one day in a meeting and I was like ‘I need to talk to you’ and he kicked everybody out of the production meeting and he sat down and talked to me. I don’t even like talking about this out loud but I was thinking about killing myself a couple of times.”

“I never knew how much he cared about me. I thought I was just a number in a system. That day he made me realise that I’m more important than a number I can’t thank him enough for doing that,” Braun added.

Post his return after injury, Braun Strowman has witnessed a terrific push as he defeated Goldberg for the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 36. He even put a great show with Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 37.

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