The Peaky Blinders Movie: 6 Fan Theories About Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby
The Peaky Blinders Movie: 6 Fan Theories About Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby (Photo Credit –Instagram)

The untitled Peaky Blinders spin off movie is officially under work. The highly anticipated spin-off to BBC’s hit crime series which concluded with Tommy Shelby escaping his death once again was a powerful conclusion that left fans wanting to re-watch the entire show again.

Peaky Blinders’ theme of crime, redemption, family, and of course, smoking a hell lot of cigarettes was extremely hooking. Since the last season of Peaky Blinders was highly evocative, one question that was asked unanimously by the fans was what would be next for Tommy? Hopefully, the answer to this question will be explored in the Peaky Blinders movie. However, before the movie releases, here are six fan theories that speculate the possible fate of Tommy Shelby.

Tommy Shelby Might go into Hiding

The most interesting theory about Tommy Shelby after the conclusion of Peaky Blinders Season 6 is that he will probably go into hiding just like Alfie Solomons after his supposed death. It is highly likely since everyone believed his death was on his door, especially after Tommy lovingly celebrated one last meal with his entire family. Besides, the movie is also expected to focus on Tommy’s next move considering his enemies think he is off the board. But if this theory comes true, it will leave the Peaky Blinders family in a state of disarray as there will be no Polly and no Tommy, and it will be exciting to see how Arthur holds himself. On the other hand, Duke will live up to his father’s reputation while Ada will run for political office and fulfill Tommy’s ambitions.

Tommy Shelby Might Reconcile with His Son Charlie

Tommy’s relationship with his wife and kids was complicated from the very beginning, especially after Ruby’s tragic passing. Now if Tommy is presumed dead, Lizzie and Charlie are highly expected to start anew. Tommy never gave Lizzie the respect and life she deserved, and always held Grace’s memory in high regard. In the movie, he could be motivated to seek a relationship with his son, Charlie. Besides, there is also a possibility of Tommy getting involved in more violence because of the circumstances. Nevertheless, the movie is expected to offer a conclusion to Tommy and Charlie’s relationship which could also give closure to his feelings for Grace.

Tommy Shelby Might Take Down Oswald Mosley

The biggest and the main antagonist in Peaky Blinders remains Oswald Mosley who was left alive by the end of the series. He is the main evil character in the Peaky Blinders and only Tommy can deal with him. After Tommy’s failed attempts to assassinate Mosley, he may again try to confront him, now that he is presumed to be dead. In real life, Mosley was imprisoned in 1940, which cleverly ties in with Tommy’s arc and redemption. However, iInstead of murdering Mosley, Tommy might play a different card this time leading to his legal arrest.

Tommy Might Find His Ultimate Peace: Death

The perfect ending to Tommy Shelby’s character will probably be his peaceful death. Death and time have remained two main themes in Peaky Blinders, especially in the last season when Tommy impedes death. Tommy’s character is deeply shaped by his experience as a World War I tunneler, a role that contributes to his PTSD and symbolizes his life after the war as “borrowed time.” While Tommy has come close to death several times, he doesn’t believe he was meant to survive. In Season 6, when he believes only he can kill himself, his fate becomes imminent. For Tommy to resolve his complex relationship with death, he will either have to find a path to inner peace or end himself. But what it’s going to be is what we can expect to see in the Peaky Blinders movie.

Tommy Shelby Might use Dr. Holford against Mosley

The second antagonist in Peaky Blinders Season 6 was Dr. Holford who was at the center of all the chaos and convinced Tommy about his fatal illness. Although Mosley tasked Dr. Holford to fake Tommy’s illness, he eventually realized the doctor was conspiring with Mosley against him. Tommy might have spared Holford, but it is likely because he will be using him as an asset to turn against Mosley.

Tommy Shelby Might Help Winston Churchill in the war

Winston Churchill was a recurring character in the Peaky Blinders show and is essential to the spin off movie. By the end of Season 2, Churchill helps prevent Tommy’s death at the hands of Campbell’s hired assassins for which Tommy owes Churchill a favor. The two continued to conduct business together over the years and after Winston became a prominent figure in Britain during World War II, their partnership is likely to play a significant role in the movie.

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