Pitchers Season 2 Hinted By TVF & Fans Are Going Crazy About It
TVF Drops Pitchers Season 2 Hint & It’s Enough For Fans To Get Excited(Pic Credit: IMDb)

TVF with its entry into the digital are a revolutionised the content and the way it was consumed by the Indian audience. With a lot of shows taping motivation, love, bonding and top of all nostalgia, the best of all was the story of start-ups in India. Pitchers that released back in 2015, is one of the most shining crown jewels in the digital platform’s treasure. While it has been half a decade, there was no update on the most asked season 2 of the show. And turns out, TVF has now teased that we might get the new season in 2021 and below is all you need to know and the glimpse that the streaming platform has shared.

Pitchers, developed by Arunabh Kumar and Biswapati Sarkar, stars Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar and Abhay Mahajan. The show is a story about a startup and how four youngsters strive hard to build it. The show with its release made a special place in the heart of its viewers. The fanbase of the show is still increasing.

Meanwhile, TVF yesterday released a short clip of their line-up for the year 2021. The video features all the shows that will release this year. And just so you know this also includes season 2 of Kota Factory. While on that the last frame of the clip is what gave goosebumps. It was a short stint with the Pitchers cast walking across the street while the Beatles take over. Bliss! Now we can take this as a confirmation for season 2.

The Internet is now going crazy over the same and are in tears as their wishes are being fulfilled. A user wrote, “F*ck TVF teased Pitchers Season 2. It’s finally happening. Kahaan 2017 mein release hone waala tha but got delayed kyunki agar delay nahi hota to TVF bhi cancel ho jaaata AIB ki tarah.” Another wrote, “Tvf just shared their shows list in 2021 and guess what Pitchers season 2 is coming. Just to let y’all know I discovered Vedant when I finished pitchers in 2019 and searched if it’s s2 is coming or not and the top video result was of Vedant, from there I discovered his channel.”

Below are a few reactions compiled:

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