Actor-politician Kamal Haasan who has been very vocal about his thoughts on India’s handling of the Coronavirus situation, has penned, sung and directed ‘Avirum Anbum’, a song on hope, positivity and love in these testing times.


What makes the song all the more special is that notable names from the south industry have come forward and lent their voice to the track. Apart from Kamal Haasan, some of the names associated with ‘Arivum Anbum’ are Anirudh Ravichander, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Devi Sri Prasad, Shankar Mahadevan, Shruti Haasan, Bombay Jayashree, Siddharth, Lydian, Andrea, Sid Sriram and Mugen. The song is composed by Ghibran, edited by Mahesh Narayanan and is released Today, 23rd April by Think Music and is gaining alot of love since its release.

Kamal Haasan On 'Avirum Anbum': "We Will Have To Calm & Convince Ourselves That We Can Adapt"
Kamal Haasan On ‘Avirum Anbum’: “We Will Have To Calm & Convince Ourselves That We Can Adapt”

Kamal Haasan and Ghibran has launched the song on a zoom call with representatives of the media on call as well. This is the first time, a track has unveiled in front of the media with all parties staying safe at their homes.


‘Arivum Anbum’ is Kamal Haasan’s brainchild and is an endeavour to instill hope and positivity amongst us.

Apart from the song, Kamal Haasan has been actively writing to the central government about measures he believes India should take in order to overcome this crisis. The actor recently penned a letter urging the government to increase the health care budget post the pandemic, as is the norm in most countries. Arivum Anbum is another endeavour by Mr.Haasan to bring about love, hope, knowledge and positivity in the hearts and minds of people in a time of uncertainty.

Commenting on this special track and the kind of love that the song is recieving, Dr. Kamal Haasan says “Avirum Anbum may not give you any ideas but will tell you what we can be, what we have already been, its a reminder and an anthem of hope. It is like saying that ‘Hum Kamiyaab Honge’, it is that kind of a thing and we need it now because we are already worried about what will happen. Things are all going to change- the world, artists, corporates, dissemination all are going to change. We will have to calm ourselves and convince ourselves that we can adapt. The song is a reminder of what we are capable off.”


The idea of the song was born out of conversation Ghibran had with Kamal Haasan, who suggested they make an anthem song on Pandemic. “We all know that the situation is like World War 3. The world will not going to be same after this. We will classify the world as ‘before and after Corona’. The song is for those new people who will come out of their homes. The song says how as an individual they can make the world a better place. The core of the song is Anbu Thaan Pradhaanam,” says Ghibran.

English Lyrics of the song –

Knowledge and Love, the two custodians of humanity

Philanthropy is an individual deed Avarice too is individual a deed Abundant love abandons none Unjust sufferings will come to an end In the galaxy but an atom are us where water is ubiquitous…And We are but small

Today as we stand in the midst of probably the biggest global crisis ever to have struck mankind, I would like to make an effort to bring us together via a special message. This message is not mine, I am merely choosing to be a carrier of this message. This message is humanity’s original message that we have been receiving since ages and responsible for all progress made by mankind.

If I had to choose the two most virtuous words to describe mankind’s reign on our planet, it has to be knowledge and love. What makes these two unique is the inherently infinite vastness to them. We can never know enough and we can never love enough. If we remember these two principles of life, we will stay safe, we will stay together and we will stay forever. Not as mere bodies or memories. We will stay forever as teachings and principles. The mightiest of kings and warriors who conquered countries and continents with their massive armies are remembered only in books of history but the great souls, who loved humanity and worked for the betterment of our race are will live forever through their wisdom and ideologies.

Given the intense strife that the world is going through, be it healthcare, global warming, inequality or violence the only lesson we need to remember is that knowledge and love have helped us sail through in the past. Each conflict whether it is against each other or against an external threat like the viruses have always ended with us making an effort to know more. The more we know each other, the more we understand that we are all the same. Being equal has become an effort today whereas it is the ultimate truth. Till we adopt the smallest, the weakest and those that are different to us as our own, our progress won’t mean a thing.

Even in our worst moments of crisis we fight and divide. The solution is not division, the solution will always be to come together. I thank all those knowledgeable voices with enough love in their hearts who joined me in creating a love song for humanity. We want humanity to listen to us. We are here to make the world beautiful with our knowledge and love. Because these are the only two immortal things in this world. Everything else is transient.

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