Happiest Season Trailer Stills: Kristen Stewart & Mackenzie Davis Are Adorable
Happiest Season Stars Kristen Stewart & Mackenzie Davis

The year 2020 has given us different kinds of movies and shows on the digital platform. Yet, a lot of us are craving for some feel-good cinema. Well, your wish is granted as Happiest Season trailer was dropped online a few hours ago. The film stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in the lead roles. Schitt’s Creek actor Daniel Levy aka Dan Levy plays the supporting role in the film.

Kristen and Mackenzie play the characters, Abby and Harper, in the movie. The two are madly in love with each other. However, during the Christmas festival, Harper has to visit her family, and she takes Abby along with her. But, her parents aren’t aware that their daughter is gay. She is yet to come out of the closet fully (there’s a joke about this in the trailer too).

Well, this is the fun drama that will make you drawn towards Happiest Season. What will happen when Harper’s parents find out about her sexuality. Will they be happy and normal, or will they overreact? How will it affect Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis’ character Abby and Harper’s relationship?

The makers have described the movie in one line – “This holiday, everyone’s secrets are coming out.” The plot goes – “Meeting your girlfriend’s family for the first time can be tough. Planning to propose at her family’s annual Christmas dinner — until you realize that they don’t even know she’s gay — is even harder. When Abby (Kristen Stewart) learns that Harper (Mackenzie Davis) has kept their relationship a secret from her family, she begins to question the girlfriend she thought she knew.”

Check out the trailer of Happiest Season below:

Dan Levy plays Abby’s best friend, who is also gay and the supporting friend we all want in life. After seeing him as David in Schitt’s Creek, his fans will surely be happy to see him in another promising role.

Happiest Season is slated to release on November 25, 2020. While it’s quite early before the Christmas, the trailer is giving us pleasant and vibrant Christmas movie vibes. The film will release on streaming site, Hulu.

Are you excited to see Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis and Dan Levy in this feel-good saga? Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments section below.

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