Here's Why Jackie Chan Was Ashamed Of His Son Jaycee Chan
Here Is The Reason Why Jackie Chan Was Disappointed In His Son Jaycee Chan (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been constantly hitting the headline for his allegations of taking drugs. The court has yet not granted him bail. From Hritik Roshan to Johny Lever, many big names have come out in support of Shah Rukh and Aryan. Today, we bring you a throwback of the time when Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan was arrested in a drugs case.

King Khan himself has yet to respond to the whole scenario yet.

Well, do you know 7 years back, one more globally known celebrity was in the same position as Shah Rukh Khan is today? It was none other than Action king Jackie Chan himself!

Surprised right? well, Jackie Chan was in such a tough position due to his son Jaycee Chan. The police story star’s son was arrested in Beijing in 2014 on drugs charges.

The Chinese police had confirmed that they found more than 3.5ounces of marijuana in Jaycee Chan’s house. The actor’s 32-year-old son was tested positive for having to consume the prohibited substance. He was busted alongside a Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, 23, and a third person, known as Mr Song, who was charged for circulating the drugs uncovered at the property.

During Jaycee’s investigation, not only the traces of drugs were found in his system, but inspections disclosed that many celebrities visited his apartment to acquire the drugs.

This news came as an embarrassment for father Jackie Chan. During that time the legendary actor was the Narcotics Control Ambassador for the Chinese police. Due to his role, he had been the face of various anti-drug movements and frequently spoke in support of the communist party in power.

When the time came to respond to the situation, Jackie had apologised to the whole world! He had appeared before the media after Jaycee was charged and said, “I feel very ashamed.” At the very same he expressed his disappointment in his son as, he wrote on social media, “I am very angry with my son’s actions and I feel ashamed.”

For the drug case, Jaycee Chan was sentenced to six months in jail at that time. During that period, Chan acknowledged his blunder in his declaration in the court and promised that when he’ll return after the completion of his sentencing, he’ll set an example as an ideal person.

When Jackie Chan’s son returned after finishing his six-month sentence, he explained in a press conference, “I know I made a big mistake and I have been punished for that mistake. For which I apologise and will never do such a wrong thing now onwards.”

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