Robert Downey Jr Had A Funny Reaction To His First Meeting With Chris Hemsworth On The Avengers Set
Robert Downey Jr & Chris Hemsworth Had A Funny First Meeting On The Avengers Set (Photo Credit: Instagram/Poster From The Avengers )

Robert Downey Jr, aka Iron Man, and Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, had a hilarious first meet on the sets of The Avengers, the first part of one of the biggest film series. One of the many reasons why the MCU fans and critics have loved the franchise is because of the great on-screen and off-screen chemistry between the actors.

MCU established its core team of Earth’s mightiest heroes in phase 1 and then moved forward with making them come together for the film series. If the cast didn’t get along well then probably the movies wouldn’t have worked as well as they did.

Jeremy Renner, who plays the role of Hawkeye, has now shared some exciting and hilarious details about the first time the entire cast met for The Avengers. He shared how he was aware of Scarlett Johansson, aka Black Widow and Robert Downey Jr but didn’t know much about Chris Hemsworth. He also shared a funny anecdote, something RDJ said when they first met the God of Thunder.

While appearing on Armchair Expert, Jeremy Renner said, “If you ever played any sports, it was like joining a new team. I knew Robert Downey Jr, I knew Scarlett Johansson, I just didn’t know Chris Hemsworth. He’s amazing, but we didn’t know, right?” Renner continued, “We’re excited but equally feeling ridiculous. I feel like we all knew each other somehow, someway, except for this Hemsworth guy because he comes from Australia.”

He then went on to share what Robert said. “And he’s the tallest, the most good-looking… Downey was like, ‘We gotta break his knee. We gotta take him out. This guy’s too good-looking. He’s too tall, he’s too charming, f*ck this guy,'” Renner said.

Even though it wasn’t exactly the first time that The Avengers cast met. All the six members, including Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth, met at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2010 to officially announce the project. However, they didn’t really get to know each other then. We’re glad that all of them had great chemistry!

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