Why Does Robert Downey Jr Always Have Something To Eat In Avengers Movies?
Robert Downey Jr Always Has A Snack In His Hands In The Avengers Movies ( Photo Credit – Movie Still ; Wikimedia/Avengers )

If you are a die-hard Robert Downey Jr or MCU fan, then you would have noticed how the actor is always eating in the film. There is a good reason behind it so keep reading to know why he ate so much! RDJ became one of the most important members of Marvel due to his role as Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, in the standalone films and the Avengers franchise.

It is now being said that after his death in Avengers: Endgame, RDJ passed the mantle as the soul of the MCU to Tom Holland, who plays the role of Spider-Man in the franchise, whose film Spider-Man: No Way Home just hit the theatres.



Going back to the question of why is Robert Downey Jr always eating in the film, it is quite evident that snacking is one of the many other characteristics of Tony Stark. Others include confidence, heroic tendencies, inventions, and jokes. However, eating was not planned amongst all of this! As per Showbiz CheatSheet, the character’s habits developed during the movies as a result of Downey Jr’s habits.

The report also states that Robert Downey Jr often brought his own food to set and hid it so he could eat during different scenes. This grew out of the demands of being the leading man which often meant a grueling work schedule without major breaks. RDJ’s co-star Vincent D’Onofrio also revealed to Huffingpost Post about the same.

“Downey does hide food all over the set,” D’Onofrio said. He added, “I’m not going to tell you why. But he does. It makes perfect sense.” However, Robert’s eating habits aren’t a new thing, especially for those who have worked with him. According to the report, his Avengers co-star could also see the actor bringing in the food, and the directors let the actor continue, knowing how grueling the work is.

It is quite interesting to see how Robert Downey Jr eating habits were incorporated into his character. It brought more reliability to it, as eating is something we all do, much like Brad Pitt’s characters, who also eat a lot in movies like the Ocean’s trilogy.

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