John Cena Opens Up On A Big Screen Showdown With Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson & John Cena’s Big Screen Showdown Is In High Demand; Cena Now Says It Will Happen(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

One of the biggest cross-overs Hollywood for the longest has been asking for is, of course, between the two WWE legends and veteran Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and John Cena. The two have had somewhat a rocky dynamic from being pitched against each other in the boxing arena to being at loggerheads for a brief period in their film careers too. Not to forget, Cena has been appreciating his WWE pal everywhere he is being asked about him in the past few months.

When the two of the biggest WWE stars are in the films and are now two sought after actors too, fans would want their paths to cross at some point. And we are happy to report, John Cena feels the same. He has now said that a big-screen showdown with Dwayne Johnson is inevitable, and it has to happen someday down the line. This is enough to up our intrigue and excitement. Read on to know this massive update of the day and also what Cena exactly has to say.

Talking about the clash with Dwayne Johnson, John Cena said he is ready, willing and able for it. He says he is up for it the moment the phone rings. As per Screenrant, he said, “You know me. Ready, willing, and able. And answering the phone whenever it rings. I’m good. I think that the excitement is starting to build with fans, whether you talk about the conversation of Fast, or you talk about now the DC Universe.”

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