Nicolas Cage Breaks Silence In Reprising Ghost Rider In The MCU
Nicolas Cage Played Ghost Rider In Two Marvel Flicks ( Photo Credit – Nicolas Cage / Wikimedia; Still from Ghost Rider )

Just when the seed of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was being planted deep into the Disney soil, a superhero with some unique powers rose and garnered mixed praises. Nicolas Cage made his Marvel debut as the fuming saviour Ghost Rider in the 2007 movie. Soon enough in 2008 Iron Man kickstarted the MCU. In 2011 Cage came up with a sequel titled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, still outside the MCU Continuity. But turns out the latest reports had him enter the MCU.


If the news hasn’t reached you yet, the rumours have it that the Marvel bosses have approached Nicolas Cage to reprise his famous Ghost Rider in some of their projects. And this will make him enter the MCU timeline and join the rest of the many people already on board. But turns out it is just a rumour until now.


Nicolas Cage in a new interview has cleared the air around his return to the Ghost Rider. The actor has said that the Marvel heads haven’t approached him as of yet and that it hasn’t happened. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

As per Comicbook, talking about the rumours that he is coming back as the Marvel character, Nicolas Cage said, “Not yet, no. That hasn’t happened, but what’s interesting is nobody asked me about going back to Ghost Rider. That was a question that came up, and they weren’t asking about Ghost Rider, they were asking ‘What do you think of the Marvel movies?’ And I gave my opinion about it.”

The actor went on to appreciate Ghost Rider and how it is one of his most special characters. “Ghost Rider is an amazing character. I mean, he’s a complicated character. It’s kind of like, how do you tell the story of Faust within the context of that universe? Because it’s a very philosophical character. I think it makes him special from other superheroes,” Nicolas Cage said.

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