Deadpool Artist Rob Liefeld Calls Out DC
Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld In A Series Of Tweets Dissed DC(Image Credit: Wikipedia/Marvel/DC)

The debate, or moreover a competition about who is the best between Marvel and DC, is what fuels both the studios to enhance their slate and make more amazing content. While the studio heads refrain from making any comments about the said debate, the stars involved with both go on record taking sides. The latest to do it is none another than the Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld.

Marvel and DC (DCEU) sit in the realms of their respective universes. Rob Liefeld, who is a writer and an artist in his latest series of tweets, has called out DC while taking Marvel’s side. The writer has gone to an extent where he claimed that the studio that houses Batman is gears behind MCU that is now expanding very rapidly. Read on to know everything you should about the same and also what Rob exactly has to say about it.

Rob Liefeld is the man behind Deadpool and has made Merc With The Mouth what he is today. The writer, in his latest tweets, chose to talk about his opinion on the Marvel Vs DC debate. He began with replying to a fan tweet and called DC a result of years of tone-deaf management. His tweet read, “Years of tone deaf mismanagement”.

While doing that, Rob Liefeld made sure it is clear that he loves James Gunn and what he did with The Suicide Squad at DC. He says the problem with the studio is deeper than that and beyond pandemic and streaming. “Make no doubt, The Suicide Squad is a great film. James Gunn added so much style and heart. The problem is deeper, beyond the pandemic and streaming. Looking forward to PEACEMAKER regardless,” he wrote.

In his next tweet replying to a tweet about DC’s latest Box Office collection, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld advised, “Then get rid of everyone, top to bottom. Start over.”

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