Penn Badgley starrer You Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. After leaving the audience flabbergasted with his stellar act as Joe Goldberg, a stalker lover-boy and a merciless killer, he is now back with more craziness that will shock your senses, a bit.

The second season of You stars The Haunting Of The Hill House actress Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn. She plays Joe’s interest, who is strong and vocal about her needs and desires. The series is receiving a great response all over and it deserves all of it.

You Season 2: 5 Reasons That Make This Penn Badgley & Victoria Pedretti Starrer Binge-Worthy
You Season 2: 5 Reasons That Make This Penn Badgley & Victoria Pedretti Starrer Binge-Worthy

As the series is now out of Netflix and if you still have doubts about watching it, we give you 5 reasons why You 2 is binge-worthy!

Will Bettelhiem: You must be wondering who Will is, right? Well, our favourite Joe has now moved to Los Angeles to run away from his past and adapts a new identity. We knew from the first episode Joe’s creepy and stalker traits, but as Will, Penn makes sure he has no hint of his past persona in his present. The struggle to live as Will when Joe runs deeply within him proves what a phenomenal actor Penn is! Penn makes you laugh with his internal monologues which help a lot during narration. Sometimes, you legit feel bad what his characters have to do and the situations he is put into.

Victoria Pedretti: In ‘The Haunting Of The Hill House’ we saw Victoria’s character always scared, terrified and reserved. However, as Love Quinn, she will make you fall in love with her just like she did with Will. She’s gorgeous in every scene and gives a mesmerising performance. After watching Guinevere Beck, an introvert and not-so-vocal woman, seeing a woman who is equal to Joe in terms of talking and personality is a great addition to the series.

Supporting Characters: In the first season, Peach and Paco played vital roles in the storytelling. But after watching the second season, you will realise what a stronghold supporting characters can have in the entire narrative, till the end. Actors Jenna Ortega, James Scully, Ambyr Childers and Carmela Zumbado who play the characters Ellie, Forty, Candace, and Delilah have a lot to contribute to Will-Love’s love story as well as the story.

Will & Love’s chemistry: You series is indeed a crime thriller, but seduction, lust and love are its main players and the key to the crimes in it. Will and Love make love like it’s the last time and their sensuous, intimate and emotional connection will make you ship them till the end, despite knowing it’s wrong at all levels.

Creepiness and twists: You 2 doesn’t start off like the first season. Here’s Will isn’t an obsessive and insecure love, he’s content but that doesn’t sideline the fact that all of this comes across as creepy to watch. Some moments will make you go WTF! The twists in the last two episodes are something you weren’t prepared for after watching the first 7 episodes.

There are a lot of reasons why You season 2 is worth your every minute. But these 5 have won me and I don’t mind rewatching it only to view it differently after knowing how it ends.

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