Wednesday To Stranger Things 10 Most Watched Netflix Series Of All Time Ranked
10 Most Watched Netflix Series Of All Time(Photo Credit –Instagram)

In the past decade, Netflix has dominated the television landscape, doling out the biggest hits in entertainment. Netflix, which launched as a streaming platform a decade later in 2007, pioneered the streaming era, dishing out a slew of original shows that have enabled the streamer to establish itself as an award-winning content giant.

Netflix’s top 10s enable viewers to see the biggest original hits within the first 91 days of release. The hits are measured by taking the runtime of the show or movie and dividing it by the number of hours watched. While the mechanism is a bit convoluted, that’s all the steamer has for you now. At Least the numbers aren’t cloaked in secrecy like in Apple.

The numbers are recorded from October 2021 to June 2024 after Netflix switched its scale from the number of households who watched within the first 28 days.

Recently, Netflix’s Baby Reindeer broke into the streamer’s Top 10 most-watched TV series after the first two months of its release. The Richard Gadd series toppled Henry Cavill’s The Witcher from the Top 10 list with 83 Million views. Based on recent figures, here’s a compiled list of the Top 10 Most-watched Netflix Series Of All Time.

10. Baby Reindeer (84.5 Million views)

The limited series created by and starring Richard Gadd currently ranks No. 10 with 84,500,000 views, equating to 335.2 million viewing hours.

9. Bridgerton Season 2 (93.8 Million views)

The Shonda Rhimes regency drama with Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley in the lead ranks as the No. 9 most-watched English TV series with 93,800,000 views, equating to 797.2 million viewing hours.

8. Stranger Things Season 3 (94.8 Million views)

The 2019 series clocked in 716,100,000 viewing hours with 94,800,000 views.

7. Fool Me Once (98.2 million views)

The 2024 Harlan Coben British Crime series surpassed Stranger Things season 3 as the most-watched television show on Netflix, raking in 98.2 million views with 629,800,000 hours watched.

6. The Night Agent (98.2 million views)

The 2023 action thriller based on Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name clocked 803,200,000 viewer hours and 98.2 million views.

5. The Queen’s Gambit (112.8 million views)

Ana Taylor’s Furiosa might have tanked at the box office, but her Netflix show was a worldwide hit, with 112.8 million views equating to 929,300,000 viewing hours.

4. Bridgerton Season 1 (113.3 million views)

The first season of the Shonda Rhimes series is the most-watched series in the franchise to date. The 2022 debut season raked in 113.3 million views, with 929,300,000 hours watched.

3. Dahmer Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer story (115.6 Million views)

Based on notorious cannibalistic serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, the 2022 thriller raked in 115.6 Million views, equating to over 1 billion viewing hours.

2. Stranger Things Season 4 (140.7 million views)

The 2022 show is the second most-watched series on Netflix, raking in 140,700,000 views and 1.8 billion viewing hours.

1.Wednesday Season 1 (252.1 million views)

The Jenna Ortega-starring Netflix show is the most watched of all time, with 252.1 million views, equating to 1,718,800,000 viewing hours.

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